October 2009

Wrapping up the Read-a-thon and Planning for Next Year

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I needed a few days to recover from the read-a-thon!

Thank yous

Thanks to Hannah, Eva, and Nymeth for helping make this read-a-thon fantastic! 😀

Also thanks to our volunteers, Beth Fish, Trish, Jodie, and Darren. You all were invaluable!


One of our drawings in Hour 5 was a random drawing of two cheerleaders. One of the cheerleaders that we drew wasn’t able to end up cheering, so we’ve redrawn a new winner! Lynn from Chronicles of an Infant Bibliophile wins a book of her choice from the Prizes page and one of the following (given out on a first come, first served basis):

  • Laura’s bookmark set
  • 2 sets from Katrina (winner gets one of these, but we have 2 to give away)
  • Kim’s bookmark
  • a set of literary stamps
  • Read-a-thon mug

Here’s some winners from mini-challenges we didn’t have a challenge to announce during the actual read-a-thon:

The winner of Dana at Scraptherapy’s mini-challenge Four That Never Bore was Mervi

The winner of Trisha at The Book Case’s mini-challenge Re-Reading the Classics was Tami & Dave.

Now for winners who we had to draw after the read-a-thon was over:

  • Most time spent reading: Liyana Liyana Land with 24.5 hours! Liyana, you’re our hero.You’ve won a $15 Amazon gift card!
  • Most pages read: Deborah from Books, Movies, and Chinese Food with 6,882. LOL. I think we all wish we could read this fast. 😉 You’ve also won a $15 Amazon gift card!
  • Most enthusiastic cheerleader was Jill from Fizzy Thoughts. Everyone loved your cheers, Jill! 🙂 You get a $25 Amazon gift card
  • The other most enthusiastic cheerleader was Eva from A Striped Armchair. Congratulations! You’ve won a $20 Amazon gift card!

Winners of the end-of-event meme:

Winners, please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

Money for Charity!

As far as we can tell, $956 was raised for charity! You guys are awesome! (Probably more money was raised but it’s hard to keep track of everyone!)

Other cool stuff

We have a French version! They had their first read-a-thon in June and had 10 people participate. They’re already planning another read-a-thon for 2010!

Begging and Pleading

Unfortunately for me, Eva and Nymeth have decided to not to co-host in the future. So we’re now in need of at least two more co-hosts for April. I can’t say exactly what you would do as far as co-hosting before the read-a-thon, because we split up the duties so one person isn’t saddled with everything, but things that we do pre-read-a-thon and that you may or may not end up doing include: soliciting prizes, getting mini-challenge hosts, organizing the cheerleaders, answering questions, divvying up the prizes for the various hours, etc. Duties during the read-a-thon  are more universal and include: posting during each hour of your shift (shifts are 6 hours), being the back-up for someone else who is posting for their shift, monitoring Twitter, going around to participants as needed, following up with mini-challenge hosts, etc. If you’re interested in co-hosting or volunteering in some other way, please send an email to deweyreadathon at gmail.

The next read-a-thon…

The date for the next read-a-thon is April 10, 2010. Mark your calendars!

(Originally I’d set this date for April 3, 2010, but April 4th is Easter, so I switched it.)

16 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Read-a-thon and Planning for Next Year”

  1. Woohoo! Six days before my due date in April. I may be miserable, but I’ll read and cheer if I can! Thanks for a great read-a-thon, ladies! Cheers to many more!

  2. Melanie,

    Prizes that go unclaimed just don’t get used. The idea is that there’s never “dregs” left for people to have to choose from. We hope to always have enough prizes so there’s always something someone wants.

  3. I don’t think I can commit to being a cohost, because I’m not entirely sure where we’ll be in April (we could be living in one of two condos or a house then), our living situation is going to be screwy this spring until we move for good this summer. However, I’d be happy to help out with some of the tasks before the Readathon, so send me an email, Trish, of what you’d like help with!

  4. Wish the next one was after tax season, but hope that it’ll be a good break…it’s not like I can be out of town since I can’t get off during the season!

  5. I’m afraid I’m all out of cheers. But wahoo and thank you!!

    If Eva isn’t coordinating cheerleaders in April, I might be able to do that…if she doesn’t mind me copying her format. 😀

  6. Liyana did 24.5 hours of reading?? That’s amazing!

    Spring read-a-thon date is officially on the calendar. It’s the day before my birthday, so I’m not sure what will be going on that weekend, but I’ll join in if I can.

  7. Argh! You want me to tell my family that I’m not going to celebrate my birthday because of the read-a-thon, don’t you? 😉
    April 10 is my birthday! I’ll have to see how I can work this in

  8. Good job everyone! Thanks so much for hosting this readathon! It’s great to read the other blogs and read more books, just cause. Now I just have to actually write the reviews…

  9. I won a prize during the read-a-thon, but my e-mail was acting up at the time. I claimed in the comments, and after the read-a-thon send an e-mail with my info. However, I fear that that e-mail never made it. So basically, my question is: have you responded to all e-mails from prize-winners yet (because if you did, I’m going to have to send the e-mail again).


  10. I received my chocolate treasure chest and two books for winning one of the games. It was a nice surprise today and reminded me, all over again, how much fun I had. Can’t wait until April!

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