October 2013

We need prize donations!

Note: the form is best viewed in Internet Explorer for ease of scrolling. If you cannot scroll, please tab through the form. You may contact deweyreadathon@gmail.com if you have difficulties or Tweet us @readathon.

We need lots and lots of prizes to make the Readathon fun! We expect close to 500 participants, we try to give away prizes every hour, AND we want to make sure that there’s more prizes than we need so that no one has to settle for something they don’t really want.

Please consider donating a prize (or lots of prizes!) to the Readathon! You can donate a book bundle (say, a pack of 3 or 5 YA or mysteries or sci-fi or fantasy or whatever), an individual book, a gift certificate, bookmarks, something you hand make…anything!

For additional ease, and to honor our bevy of international participants, this time around we want to put special emphasis on donations via BookDepository. For example, you might offer a book of the winner’s choice for $15 or less. This is a really easy option since you simply have the prize shipped to the winner via your BookDepository purchase! It’s low-stress and less work for you!

If you can’t donate a prize, please consider being an angel — someone who will have a prize shipped to them and then ship the prize to the international winner. This can cost between $10 and $30.

All you need to do is fill out this form. I don’t know if we’ll have time to email you to confirm your donation, but please know that if you fill out this form, your prize will be included!

13 thoughts on “We need prize donations!”

  1. I’ll donate a Korean Literature pack, which includes some Korean bookmarks and a couple of Korean novels. I will ship the prize wherever necessary.

  2. I don’t have Internet Explorer on this computer, so I can’t properly fill out this form. One copy each of THE FAR SIDE OF THE SKY and RISING SUN, FALLING SHADOW by Daniel Kalla (1 and 2 of “Shanghai” trilogy, RSFS released Sept 24. Harper Collins Canada and Tor-Forge). We will handle shipping. Thank you and Read On! Thanks, Diane

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