April 2013, readathon

We need prize donations!

The title says it all!

We need lots and lots of prizes to make the Readathon fun! We have over 400 participants in October and we try to give away prizes every hour, AND we want to make sure that there’s more prizes than we need so that no one has to settle for something they don’t really want.

Please consider donating a prize (or lots of prizes!) to the Read-a-thon! You can donate a book bundle, an individual book, a gift certificate, bookmarks, something you hand made…anything! If you can’t donate a prize, please consider being an angel — someone who will have a prize shipped to them and then ship the prize to the international winner. This can cost between $10 and $30.

All you need to do is fill out this form. Check the prize page, right here, right there, up top, if you want to make sure we received your prize. We’ll be updating it every couple days or so.

And thank you!

14 thoughts on “We need prize donations!”

  1. Heads up, there’s a glitch in this form – you can only submit it if you agree to be an angel.

  2. I would like to donate a book. Do I just add the title in the required box? Is there somewhere I send it or do I hold on to it for posting to the winner?

  3. I filled out a form to donate e-books but I’m not sure if you got it? Send me an email if you want to add me to the list of donations for prizes. 🙂

  4. Would like to donate my six generation family saga, and Kindle series, THE LAST LORD OF PARADISE as a prize but I do not see the donation form.
    Are you still accepting prizes?

    Vivian LeMay

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