April 2015

Warm-Up: We’re Proud of You!

You look on your calendar to check the date, and just like that it dawns upon you. Dewey’s 24 hour Read-A-Thon is scheduled to begin in a week, and you are not halfway ready.

You still need to get snacks and drinks for during the event. Cancel that dentist appointment. Tell your friends you really can’t come to their birthday. Tell your family to leave you alone during those 24 hours. Gather a TBR. Find a place to read. Get the house ready. Do the…

Take a deep breath.


Better? I do hope so.

This is about the time most people start stressing about this Read-A-Thon. Everybody has snacks and drinks and most of all, a TBR they intend to stick to.

Me? Not so much.

Whenever I join a Read-A-Thon, I compile a list of books I really want to read. I get excited for them for days, can’t think about anything else. Then the Read-A-Thon starts and I end up reading nothing from my TBR. Like, literally nothing. And that’s okay.

That also happens to be the point I want to make by writing this post. It is okay to not stick to your TBR. It is okay to go to your friend’s birthday. It’s okay to simply not have snacks and just eat your three meals a day.

The last time Dewey’s 24 hour Read-A-Thon was hosted, I had to go visit an old palace with my family and good friends of ours, meaning I only had a few hours to read. I was moody and annoyed and wondered, why today of all days?

But that’s when I realized. It really doesn’t matter how much you read, as long as you end up reading more than what you started with.

I ended up reading a book in five hours time, finishing it several minutes before dashing into the car. But if I had read only one page, I would’ve been happy too. Because isn’t that what a Read-A-Thon is all about?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We see the TBR of other people and think, we must plan that much too. We see page updates of other people and think, we must read that much too. Well, I’ve got news for you. You don’t have to.

A Read-A-Thon is supposed to be fun, and whether you end up reading three pages or three full-length novels, every single wrap-up is an achievement and something to be proud of. You pushed forwards and actually joined the Read-A-Thon. In the end, you have less unread pages than you had before. How can that be anything but brilliant?

Don’t try and compare yourself to others. Don’t feel bad because you’ve “only” read two books and your favorite blogger read five. They probably have done this multiple times or have ninja reading skills, whereas maybe you are not used to reading a lot of pages in a limited amount of time or just had other things on your mind.
Every situation is different, but no matter what it is, the fact that you went along with reading is amazing.

Now, can you hear that? That noise in the distance?
That’s the sound of me, Ellie, a fifteen year old girl from the Netherlands, giving you a standing ovation because tried. You signed up, gave it your all, and ended with the best result possible for you. Good job!

By writing this post, I just want to try and take away the pressure some of you, including myself, sometimes feel. It is simply not necessary, since the biggest pressure is in signing up and not in the reading itself.

No matter how much you read, I’m proud of you, and know that many others are too.

I can’t wait to see you all on the 25th. I will be cheering, just as reading, but not full time. I will stop early because I am going to my friend’s birthday. I realize that, because of that, I won’t read as much as I maybe otherwise would have.

And you know what?

I’ve never been more excited for a Read-A-Thon.

8 thoughts on “Warm-Up: We’re Proud of You!”

  1. As the mother of a six month old, I needed this post! I reeeeeally wanted to join the readathon, but I thought there was no way, baby girl will never let me read that much. But you know what, I can read whenever I can! And that’s the point. I love this! Thanks.

  2. Oooooooh so spot on! Thanks for posting this! I just found out about read-a-thon (through paperback castles) and was nervous about not being prepared, and not reading fast enough, and not being able to stay awake… But now I am SOOO excited!! I’m going to join right after coming home from work at saturday. This will be so much fun and it’s ok even if I ends up just reading some chapters before falling to sleep <3<3

  3. It’s so awesome to see my post up here, and most of all, to see people realizing it really doesn’t matter how much they read, as long as they read something!
    You’re all awesome, guys. Never stop being awesome <3

  4. Great post! Very well said!!
    I had the same experience too, “not really wanting” to go dinner w my family and friend, but then I realize that they are important after all. And I just download a book onto my phone to read it along the ride.

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