October 2016

Warm Up: Try Something New This #Readathon

Hi everyone- my name is Wesley and I blog over at Library Educated. This isn’t my first readathon, but I realized that with almost all of the readathons I do kind of the same thing – lots of cheering, rereading a favorite, finding a couple graphic novels to keep myself motivated and awake, and not really getting up from the couch. This year I’m going to try and do some different things, and hopefully this will encourage you to try some new things too!

Try an audiobook

I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I’ve always said that my attention span is too short and I’m too easily distracted for one. But do I actually know that? No. Because I’ve never tried. So this year I’m going to find a (free) audiobook and broaden my horizons. If anyone has any suggestions (especially if it’s a short story, or something classic- I think I heard something about Christopher Walken reading some Poe?) please feel free to shoot them my way.

Get out of the house

As I mentioned before, my readathon battle station is primarily my couch. But this year, I think I will try to get off of my comfort zone. Maybe go to a local coffee place, or to the library, or if the weather is decent (in Wisconsin, I’m not going to hold my breath) a park bench somewhere. A new location from where to read might be inspiring, even if it involves putting on a bra and a pair of shoes.

Participate somewhere other than Twitter

I love me some Twitter, well, most of the time. Twitter during readathon is my favorite, due in no small part to my love of ridiculous GIFs and feeling like I’m chatting in real time to readathoners all around the world.  However, that’s basically the only place I haunt during readathon. This year, I’m going to make a point to get to some of the other place around the interwebs where readathon is represented. I’m going to guess it will be Goodreads, because that’s where I log all of the great reading suggestions I get during readathon!

Be better about following the fun new blogs that I find

I get introduced to so many new folks and their blogs during readathon and I feel like I never follow up with continuing to read their blogs or talk to them. Maybe I need to make a list on Twitter, or revamp my Bloglovin’ feed but this year I’m going to try to make some bonds during readathon and expand my horizons. Now who wants to be my friend?!

Don’t just eat junk food

Just kidding. I’m going to continue to only eat junk food during readathon. But maybe I’ll drink more water? Yeah, that I can do.

Best wishes for a wonderful readathon for all of you, I will see you there!Try something new this readathon!

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