October 2014

Warm Up: The Preparedness Plan

When it comes to a 24 hour readathon, it’s best to be prepared. I like to go shopping the day before for any snacks and make sure to prep them for a quick bite. Make sure to have lots of drinks available, otherwise I find that you end up snack snack snacking away. I also clean before the readathon so that I have several reading spots and don’t have to look at any mess and get distracted. It’s also helpful to have a plan for any family members, I usually suggest to the hubby that he either go out or do homework that day. I’m sure it’s trickier with kids around, but have them as part of your readathon and then figure out a way to occupy them otherwise.

Keeping up with the readathon is trickier. I find myself navigating to get some of the mini-challenges each hour, but it’s okay to maybe skip every other – most last 3 hours! (I always win at some point during the day, so it’s worth trying for these). Having a laptop helps because it’s easy to keep nearby but you can put it away quickly to concentrate on reading. If you’re looking at mini-challenges, I suggest having your blog and the Dewey Readathon website up so you can update your post quickly and then get on with more reading.

As for reading, I keep a variety of books around. It’s okay to put one aside and pick up another. If it’s not catching you, maybe you need something different. If you read graphic novels, novellas or short stories, this may be a good time to catch up. You feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each one, so it’s a good motivator.

I don’t always get through the whole 24 hours, but I keep some caffeine on hand and will take cat naps to keep going. It’s good to take breaks, eat, exercise and chat with other humans as well. Part of this readathon is social, so it’s fun to take a twitter/instagram break or whichever social media you enjoy most.

I hope my tips help and please share any you have for me!

Thanks to Kristen from The Book Monsters for the wide-ranging list of tips! All very wise and timely!


6 thoughts on “Warm Up: The Preparedness Plan”

  1. I like to clean the whole house before the read-a-thon too. And yeah, people around me know that if they text or call in those 24 hours it has to be important. LOL. I also go shopping a few days before and prepare snacks, meals and drinks. Last time I had pasta salad in the fridge that worked very well. It was eaten cold and I didn’t have to do anything besides find a fork. 😛
    I used my laptop a lot last time because I was cheering and talking a lot with others too and didn’t read as much as I could have. But it was definitely the best way to do a read-a-thon for me so I’m doing it again. My laptop is open all the time and I have my WordPress, my blog, Dewey’s site and twitter open constantly. It’s just easier that way. Besides I tried only reading on my Kindle last time and that was something that really worked for me because it didn’t ruin my flow. I could just put it down, tweet and blog and then pick it up again. I didn’t have to find bookmarks, the right page etc.

  2. My hubby is going to be right next to me, marathon-ing horror movies, while I read. I’m gonna TRY to get him to stay up the whole time with me, but that won’t happen. I’m guessing he’ll last until 1, before he gives in and goes to bed. 🙂

    Definitely getting some snacks and drinks the day before. Diet is out the window, looking forward to a cheat day! 🙂

  3. In April I did no prep at all. I only found out about the readathon that morning. I signed up to do it at 7:30 am and it started at 8am. It actually went very well. When my housemate/daughter got up around 9:30 I told her what I was doing. She told me she’d take care of meals and snacks for me and would also answer the phone. She has now pledged to do the same this time.

    One thing I did last time that worked very well was to take a quick, cool shower at around 5pm.

  4. Lovely advice, Kristen!

    I would just add that audiobooks are a great way to build some movement time into your readathon without having to stop reading! You can listen while you take a walk or have to make that surprise run to the store for more snacks!

    Good luck to everyone participating this time!

  5. I’m taking the 17th off so that I can clean, and do the grocery shopping that usually happens on the weekend and then also accomplishing the heavy cooking for the coming week. I’m going to make sure I don’t wear myself out too much though or I’ll never stay up for the whole readathon and I really am trying to do that this time. 🙂

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