April 2015

Warm Up: Reading Together!

October’s Dewey’s Read-a-thon was our first – ‘our’ because we are two Italian sisters. We found it through Swap-bot.com, and we immediately decided to take on this challenge.

As bookish people, we are often seen like we’re trying to run away from the world, hidden between the pages of universes made of ink and paper. We love to swim twenty thousand leagues under the sea, to play in the Hundred Acre Wood, to follow the White Rabbit or to learn new spells at Hogwarts.

It’s easy to see it this way, to imagine reading as something you do on your own – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dewey’s Read-a-thon taught us that reading can be a social moment, something to share. It’s impressive to think that in the very moment we are reading, hundreds of people around the whole world are reading with us.

But the best part of this Read-a-thon, for us, is not just that we can share our greatest passion with people all over the world, but also live it shoulder to shoulder, sister with sister.

Why don’t you try to find a ‘reading partner’?

Here are our tips:

1. Find someone who reads like you do.

Do you like to comment when you’re reading? Do you like to read quotes aloud? Or do you need a perfectly silent room? Whatever you prefer, be sure that your reading partner prefers the same things – you want to enjoy the Read-a-thon!

2. Find a comfortable place for both of you.

When you’re reading for a lot of time, it becomes hard to find a good position: sitting? Laying down? Standing up? When you’re more than one it can be even harder, because the space is limited. Try to find a room that can accommodate the two of you in the best way. We commandeered our parents’ bedroom with its King bed!

3. Try to find books you can share.

The best part of reading in company is to share opinions and ideas, so it can be really nice to have books you can both appreciate – you can both read it and then discuss it, like a book club of sorts.

4. Remember that it’s 24h long!

Which is an ‘umbrella-tip’ for all sort of tips: have a place to crash if you’re starting to get sleepy, for the both of you; be sure that you’re reading partner is someone you can spend 24h with; have enough food and enough anything you can think you’ll need.

 And above all: have a lot of fun!

Thanks to Donatella and Cristina for sharing their experiences in a great post!

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