April 2015

Warm-Up: Readathon with TWINS!

We’re all busy people. And most of us can find time in our days to read, and have dedicated the day of Dewey’s Readathon to just that purpose. It’s amazing and I’ve participated to the fullest extent in the past.

But what if you’re one of those people who just CAN’T find time to read? Maybe you’re a new mom. Maybe you work long hours for your job that day. Maybe you have relatives coming into town. And so on.


As a new mom of twin boys who are almost 5 months old, I honestly cannot find time to read. My boys wake up before the sun rises, never nap at the same times, and one is colicky so he lets us finally get to bed between 9:30 and 11:30, only to wake up a few hours later hungry. I can barely find time to shower, much less read!

So, how am I going to participate in the readathon? While I won’t be reading for 24 hours, or realistically even two hours, I’m going to make it a priority. I’m going to read a book or two to my boys, maybe even a page or two of the book I’m currently reading (which will take months at this rate, but I’m working on it!). Then when one boy is napping, I’m going to have my husband take over for 10-30 minutes to get a little reading done on the porch, where I won’t be interrupted.  I hope to get an hour of reading in total for the day.


But that hour will feel great. It will be more reading the I have done in one day in a long time. And I’ll have the added benefit of knowing I’m being a good role model to my future bookworms.

So, busy people, how will you participate in the readathon?

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca (of the currently on hold Love at First Book)


11 thoughts on “Warm-Up: Readathon with TWINS!”

  1. Yes! Great post! I struggled with even signing up for this round because it’s almost impossible to read with a 4 1/2 year old. But I decided that some reading is better than none.

  2. I’ve not signed up yet, because I *really* need to work on a quilt I’m doing on commission. But I realized I have the entire Chronicles of Narnia set on mp3, and have never listened to the whole thing (read the books long ago, and much, much prefer reading to listening). Thinking that will be the way to “read” and still get the quilt done.

  3. Yup, can’t recall reading much when my twins were five months old … but they’re 24 now now so I will get plenty of time to myself this weekend, how time flies. Wishing you much joy in your lovely babies.

  4. Congrats. I have not been following you lately, but what a blessing, twin boys. I just looking at the nursery and it is wonderful. It is hard to get reading done with one baby let alone two. I hope you are able to read something tomorrow.

  5. My little one is two weeks old today, and I knew I wouldn’t be signing up for this readathon, but I hope to be back, at least in part, for the October one. If I have any downtime this Saturday I’ll probably check in on Twitter and see how everyone else is doing. Good luck!

  6. Exactly! I’ve been busy in the past but with 5 month old twins? Busy is an understatement! But I think that ANY level of participation is great, so even if all you get is your child’s books at bedtime, go you! 🙂

  7. Yes!!! That’s perfect!!! Multitasking. Maybe I should listen to an audiobook on our daily stroller walk. I’d get a little bit of reading done that way. I’ll have to find a book of poems or short stories. Good suggestion!

  8. Thanks! I got so busy with the end of the pregnancy and the boys that my blog is in a holding pattern at the moment (and needs some renovating). Good luck getting a ton of reading done!

  9. Congrats Charleen! It’s definitely smart to skip this one and try the next, but if you think about it and have down time even for two minutes, grab a book or read an article.

  10. I have twins who just turned 3! I still have very little time to read except at night when everyone else is asleep. When they were the age of yours, I fit in reading from my Nook app on my phone while they were feeding. Enjoy what you can tomorrow!

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