April 2015

Warm Up: Readathon in Verse

Embracing Hour Twenty

Though I’m a Readathon Newbie,
I have noticed a trend.
That, when hour twenty rolls up,
Many readathons end.

It only makes sense that you’d crash,
You’ve been awake all day.
The human body needs its sleep,
Or it’ll make you pay.

So how do you get through the wall,
That stops you in your tracks?
Should you go for the strong coffee,
Or the sugary snacks?

What about just going to sleep,
And calling it a night?
It certainly seems easier,
Than putting up a fight.

But I have an alternative,
For you to consider.
When hour twenty comes around
And the herd gets thinner.

Switch your brain into a new mode,
Where “focus” comes second.
Instead show your brain’s other side,
Where “silly” is beckoned.

If you prefer something tamer,
There is another way.
Ask for help from the Cheerleaders,
We will be there all day.

There is no shame in dropping out,
This is no easy thing.
But hour twenty drops the most,
And people stop reading.

So if you truly want to push,
But find you need some aid.
Then just reach out and ask someone,
No need to be afraid.

Thanks to Rachel from Purple Owl Reviews for our most creative warm up post yet!

2 thoughts on “Warm Up: Readathon in Verse”

  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this poem, I’ll definitely turn to it when I feel too tired to read 🙂

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