April 2015

Warm Up: Mix Up Your Readathon

We all look forward to the Readathon with great anticipation. What is not to love about 24 hours devoted to reading, snacks, and fun with other bookish people? But maybe this is your fifth time doing the Readathon. Maybe you have been readathoning since 2007, when all this wonderful madness started. How do we keep the Readathon new, fun, and exciting?

Try a different kind of book

The Readathon is the perfect time to try a book that is a bit out of your wheelhouse. Have you been thinking of trying a graphic novel? Now is your chance! Do you always read literary fiction? Pick up a steamy romance or a sci-fi adventure. If you have been reading biographies for the past few months, try a YA novel!

Read for charity

Reading for 24 hours is so luxurious that it only seems right to pay that goodness forward. If you choose to read for charity, you commit to donating a certain amount to a charity of your choice. You can donate per hour you spend reading or per book you complete. You can also determine an amount for each comment or challenge you participate in. It’s even greater if you can get some other people to sponsor your reading!

For more information, check out this post from last year! http://24hourreadathon.com/2014/04/21/warm-up-reading-for-charity/

Grab a friend

Picture this scene. A friend or family member sits on the couch opposite you with their own book in hand. You share snacks and favorite tidbits from your current read. It’s all the fun of the Readathon multiplied by the awesomeness of your best friend, sister, or spouse.

Do more challenges. Do no challenges.

If this is your third or fifth time doing the 24 Hour Readathon, you have probably settled into a rhythm. You love reading for hours on end without looking up from your page. Or you might be the kind of person who eagerly wakes up her computer every hour to participate in challenges. Whichever kind of readathoner you are, switch it up this year and do the opposite. Straight-through readers, meet the hourly challenges. Social butterflies, put that computer away and don’t come up for air until you finish your book. (I don’t mean that literally. It is very important that each person involved in the Readathon breathe for the full 24 hours.)

Become a cheerleader!

Reading for 24 hours is amazing. But we all know that it isn’t the entire reason that we love the Readathon so much. We love the comradery of it all. It’s so much fun to check in with other readers, see what they are up to, and cheer them on. If you haven’t cheered for the Readathon before, you can sign up now. Just click on the link in the sidebar!

I hope these tips help you veterans to have a fresh and fun Readathon. Keep on reading and I will see you on Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Warm Up: Mix Up Your Readathon”

  1. Love your tips, Andi! Here’s another one: read in a different area. When I do the read-a-thon, I always read in my living room. Maybe this time, I’ll go to a cafe or coffee shop to read instead.

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