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Warm Up: Mastering Updates!

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is coming up again. I’m so excited to do this warm up post. My name is Rachael. I run the blog Rachael Turns Pages. This will be my third time participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon.

I’m here today to do a post about updates. When should you update? Where should you update? How should you interact with the community through your updates?

My ideal time to update is about every 3 hours, but as we all know that doesn’t always happen. About every three hours I’m ready for a break from reading and I have time to make another post for the blog.

What do I put in my update posts?

1. My reading updates. I put my time read and the books I have been reading.

2. Where I have been reading? I switch places and I think it is interesting to read where other people are reading so I try to put my reading places in mine.

3. The challenge I participated in. It is a great opportunity to get the word out about the challenges that are going on at that time.

4. Something New I would like to do is post pictures of the book I’m reading or some of my favorite quotes from the book.

After the Update Post is Up

I scroll through my bloglovin’ looking for update posts and comment on as many as possible. This helps to get involved in the community and usually helps to motivate me more. Then I get off the computer and go back to reading.

Where should you update?

I update for the readathon on my blog, but many participants update on Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter. I think besides the blog Twitter is a great place to update because it is interactive. I personally don’t have a Twitter, but from what I have seen it is very easy to retweet and cheer each other on especially if everybody remembers their hashtag (#readathon). If you plan to update on Twitter I would recommend doing a starting and wrap up post on your blog for your readers that do not follow you on Twitter.

Have Fun with Your Updates

The most important part of Dewey’s Readathon is to have fun so if updating is getting too stressful spread them out, do them less often, the most important part of Dewey’s readathon is to interact with the community and have fun with the event. As all us bloggers know post take a while to write up and format so think about how much you want to update and format the posts before. Also I do separate posts, but nobody said you have to do separate posts. I have seen people that do it all in one post and just add new content to the post every few hours. How you update? When you update? That is all up to you. How much you want to comment on other people’s blogs? Also up to you. You could choose to go through and comment at the end of day or do it throughout the day. I always find it fun to cheer people on as I go.

I wish you all a fun filled Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. I hope to see you update your progress. Happy Reading!
Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages


9 thoughts on “Warm Up: Mastering Updates!”

  1. I’ve got drafts for update posts done already so I can just drop the numbers in and a quick comment. I’ve found in previous years, updating can really take time out of the fun stuff. I also like to use Instagram during the readathon.

    Twitter is really great to say a quick “I’m still awake”.

  2. I usually do updates every hour or so — mostly because I also have to work (online) during the #readathon and since I have to check in at work, it makes sense to update. But I also update often because I don’t like to fall behind on challenges and because I like to look at other people’s updates.

  3. I try to post updates at least every other hour. I actually drafted all of mine yesterday so all I have to do is add a few comments, a picture or two, and post. I do instagram every hour though, posting at least one picture representative of what I did for that hour or where I was while reading. In october I was actually participating in a yarn crawl the same day so I didn’t update my blog for several hours between when I left and when I got home. So when I got home and did my summary posts, one or two of them had photos or descriptions of what i did/saw during the crawl and how i worked my reading in too. My update posts are usually very brief, only a sentence or two and an updated list of what I read. I don’t participate a lot by commenting on a lot of other blogs, just a few for friends of mine who are also participating, since my focus is to read as much as I can. I do very few challenges too, so I can focus on reading.

  4. Sounds like a plan. I find it keeps me motivated to cheer the people I follow on readathon day. I often find new blogs to follow also. I’m hoping for the first time to stay up really late with this readathon. I probably won’t make it through the whole night, but I’m going to shoot for a bit later and get a lot of reading done.

  5. This will my third time, too!

    I update every hour, but I only have one post. It has a brief little blurb from me, then what I hope to read, what I have read, and what I’m listening to. Then I list all of the hourly challenges and update that as I go along. I usually tweet a link to that post when I update, if I remember! I find balancing between reaching my reading goals and being active online very hard!

    In October, I also made use of Instagram, which was fun…if I could figure out how to use my iphone properly (it was new!).

  6. I’ve never felt completely successful on Readathon day. Seems we’ve been traveling or away or something. I also tend to be a late sleeper and read more after midnight, so my stats might look different. I’m going to try to just update my blog during the day, but I think I will attempt to draft up the start tonight, good idea!
    The first time I participated I spent as much time cheering and checking updates as I did reading. My trouble will be as always, reading and staying off the phone, tablet and laptop. I distract easily!
    Great post…looking forward to Saturday.

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