October 2016

Warm Up: How to Make the Most of your Readathon

I have been participating in Dewey’s Readathon for years and every time I sign up, I know each one will be different. While I was hoping to have a ton of time for this one, I now have made time with my husband, so I won’t be able to spend the whole day reading like I have (sometimes) in the past.

When you’re thinking about your Saturday, realize that any time spent reading is AWESOME. I know that my husband tends to stay up late and sleep in, so I’ll be getting up early to slam in some reading and challenges while I can.

Here are some ways that you can sneak in reading if you are super busy:

  • Hide in the bathroom for 10 (or more) minutes with your book.
  • Listen to audiobooks when driving, cleaning, etc.
  • Read with your kids (if you have them).
  • Read before bed after everyone is asleep (or otherwise preoccupied).
  • Keep a book with you at all times (you never know when there’s a long line or wait time).
  • Put your phone down, your computer away and read instead.
  • Read on your lunch break.
  • Arrive early/stay late at work for 30 minutes and read in your car.

If you aren’t super busy, here are some other tips to feel like you are getting the most out of your readathon:

  • Pick short books (whether graphic novels or novellas or just shorter books)
  • Choose books you are very interested in reading or have a lot of what keeps you reading (action, kissing, etc.)
  • Prepare snacks the night before (and drinks!)
  • Minimize errands – do you NEED milk or can you wait til tomorrow?
  • Order in instead of making dinner (or listen to an audiobook while cooking!)
  • Set a timer of 5 minutes to check the challenges/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so you can get back to reading – when you are done, move your phone to another room or at least out of sight.
  • Take breaks from reading in a comfy spot. I find as the later hours come on, if I’m too comfy, I get sleepy. Sit in a firm chair in those moments or read while standing up.

Hope these tips help and always remember to HAVE FUN!

Thanks so much to Kristen from The Book Monsters



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