October 2014

Warm Up: Dewey’s is Better Than (Insert Your Favorite Holiday, Here)!

Some people love their birthdays so much that they celebrate them for an entire month. There are people who start planning their Halloween costumes in April. I know people who can’t wait for Christmas so they start decorating on October 1st!

I like birthdays and traditional holidays a lot but I’m not one of those people, at all. I understand though because that’s how I feel about Dewey’s Readathon. When I’m asked what my favorite holiday is, that’s my answer — Dewey’s Readathon, (and how awesome is it that it happens twice a year?!)

In my house we start planning for the next Readathon months in advance. It goes on my calendars, (online and my Filofaxes), the moment the next date is announced.  I request time off from work before and/or after the Readathon to savor (and recover) from the big day.

Throughout the year, while we wait for the next Readathon, we are known to say, “We should remember to buy {insert awesome food here} for the next Readathon.”

I start planning my reading list for Readathon a month in advance.

We tell the kids that we won’t drive them anywhere, we won’t answer the phone if they call, (so they should text if it’s an emergency but let’s try not to have an emergency during Readathon, kthnx), and we won’t take the dogs to the dog park, either. (We buy the dogs special food treats or toys to try and keep them occupied during Readathon because puppies do not always understand why their humans are lying in bed all day with books.)

After all of the planning and all of the anticipation, the big day arrives… we jump out of bed, grab a book, something really yummy for breakfast and we’re off. An entire day. In bed. Doing what we love most. Reading. Talking about books with each other and with other Readathon participants online. Playing some of the games that awesome book bloggers are hosting. Getting to know new-to-us reading enthusiasts. Basking in the scent of old library books and savoring the feel of a brand new book.

Glorious. So much better than any holiday, ever. I hope you’ll join Dewey’s Readathon and celebrate my favorite holiday with me.

Thanks to Denise from Flamingo House Happenings for the great post! We agree…it’s one of our fave holidays, too! You can also find Denise at @dtanton on Twitter. 


19 thoughts on “Warm Up: Dewey’s is Better Than (Insert Your Favorite Holiday, Here)!”

  1. That’s another thing I love about Dewey’s — folks don’t look at me like I’m nuts when I say stuff like this, Jennifer. 😉

  2. OMG I love this post. Mostly because I couldn’t agree more. I love Christmas but Dewey is like two extra Chrismas’s. I mark the next read-a-thon day in my calendar at the end of the Read-a-thon and I’m really excited the last month up to the day. I’m planning books and snacks, cleans the house and everything so for these 24 hours I will just be reading, relaxing and having fun.

  3. You are my people, Katja. Heh. I seriously cannot wait. I keep getting up and re-arranging my stack of books for the #readathon. It’s like I’m a kid fondling all the packages under the tree! lol

  4. It’s crazy this read-a-thon-thing! 😉
    Actually I think the only bad part is when you tell other people about it and they just stare at you, saying “So … You’re sitting alone for 24 hours? Reading?” And yes. I mean, that’s what I do. But do they really have to make it sound so lame and nerdy? They don’t do that about Christmas, Easter or any other holiday!
    I don’t have a stack to read this time. It’s so strange, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not reading. Last time I tried to read on my Kindle instead of “real” books and that worked out amazing for me. I liked that I didn’t need a bookmark all the time when I wanted to update, tweet and so on. So I’m doing that again, even though I actually miss the stack of books I can look at.

  5. Really, I get how reading lots and lots is great fun but it still boggles my mind that you do it for 24 hours. I would fall asleep with the book on my chest when the midnight hours approached (assuming I started reading at perhaps 6 am). Can one participate in the readathon and only read ~16 hours? I did have this lovely day dream though about renting a cabin in the woods for a Dewey read-a-thon with two or three of my friends who love to read and spend the day together reading and enjoying the quiet in the woods. It does sound lovely.

  6. Great post! Today, I told my sister I have a hard time sleeping the night before the Readathon because I am so excited! She thinks I’m crazy. I’m glad 773 (and counting) other people “get it”!

  7. I’m a little lucky in that my partner reads, too. And her mother lives with us so she’s reading as well. And when our kids are home, they read too. So not alone but you’re right, not quite like a traditional holiday for most of us since we’re lucky enough to spend it with family and friends!

    I do have some kindle books all lined up and will probably switch back and forth between them — I like variety and options, heh.

  8. Hah. Not everyone can read for 24 hours and I’ll be honest and say I’ve never managed it. I usually hit 1 or 2am and I’m toast.

    You can absolutely read for as many or as few hours as you want or are able and still call yourself a participant.

    That would be an awesome way to spend a Dewey’s #readathon, Cathy! I’d love that.

  9. I took the day off work today and can HARDLY WAIT. I need to run some errands and pick up 19 holds at my library and of course — pick out some awesome food. Yippee, it’s almost here!

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