October 2014

Warm Up: Comics Reading Recommendations

Still looking for a few short reads for your stack? Need to rest your eyes a bit? Comics might be the perfect solution! Here are a few of the comics goodies I recommend for your TBR…


I’m a fan of anything by Gene Yang, but for a quick read that’s still incredibly powerful and meaningful, the Boxers and Saints duology is the way to go.


This One Summer, by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, is a touching story of two girls, both alienated in their own ways, spending a summer at the lake. A sweet story on the surface with LOTS going on below the surface.



Seconds, by Bryan Lee O’Malley, is a whimsical comic full of magical realism and food! It follows a young chef desperate to open her own restaurant, and when she has an opportunity to re-do some old mistakes, things spiral out of control.


You may think superheroes aren’t your bag, but I bet Ms. Marvel (2014) could change your mind! Kamala Khan is a Muslim teen growing up in Jersey City, and one day she finds herself in a superhero’s shoes. Fun, wicked smart, and fantabulous. This one is available in single issues from Comixology.



If you’re looking for a kickass bunch of girls, Lumberjanes is for you. These ladies are away at a girls camp and all sorts of odd, supernatural, mystical, mythological things happen! Every lady in this bunch has her own special abilities that strengthen the group. It’s off-the-wall fun. Also available in single issues via Comixology.



Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire, will yank on your heart strings. Gus is half boy, half deer, growing up in a world affected by some sort of plague. He and a very unusual sidekick must try to navigate what’s left of society to uncover more about the plague and its effects. This one is available in trade editions. Quite a few of them!

What other comics can you recommend? 

–Andi from Estella’s Revenge

10 thoughts on “Warm Up: Comics Reading Recommendations”

  1. I only started getting into comics in the last few months or so. What got me started, was my love for video games. I found out that there were comics about the video game Arkham City and I jumped all over those. There are a ton of them and I have really enjoyed them. From there, I realized that there were comics for Resident Evil as well. I had already read the books, so the comics are just another layer.

    I definitely have stuck with what I like for comics, finding Warehouse 13 (my favorite TV show ever) and branching off into more Marvel/DC stuff. I only once have tried comics that didn’t actively already hold my interest, and it wasn’t for me, so for now I’m sticking with what I know/like and I still have a ton to get through. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, you still have LOTS of reading on your plate! Very cool way that you got into comics. I had never thought much about the comics based on video games, but I know a lot of my buddies at Panels.net are into them. Love it!

  3. It’s a good one, Leah! LOTS going on in that graphic novel. I read it for Readathon a year or two ago and really liked it.

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