April 2015

Warm Up: An International Readathon Timeline!

In this post I’ll tell you all about my readathon.

Dewey’s Readathon is an international event as most of you already know. Where I’m at (Denmark), it takes place from Saturday at 2PM until Sunday at 1.59PM. This means that if I was to read for 24 hours during the event, I’d have to stay up for at least 28 hours due to time difference. Yeah, that’s not happening. I get up at around 10AM and just wait for time to pass – if I need to make changes to my reading pile or go do some last minute shopping, I have time for that as well. The rest of the day goes something like this:

2PM (hour 1): My reading has started. Or should I say snacking… I find that most people eat more snacks than they read books during the first two hours – myself included.

7PM (hour 6): I try to finish my first book before dinner, which gives me five hours to finish book #1. I try to make sure my boyfriend is home to cook me a decent meal and this year won’t be any different. I’ll probably have a pulled pork burger or something like that. After dinner I’ll catch up on social media until I finally decide which book to get started on next.

9PM (hour 8): If I’ve decided to cheer, this is typically when I do it. Cheering is so much fun and I really enjoy visiting new blogs and Twitter accounts and making new friends.

11PM (hour 10): If I feel tired I’ll go for my first walk. I don’t go for a long walk or anything; it’s more like I move around outside my apartment for 20 minutes or so. This isn’t the day for exercising 😉

2AM (hour 13): I start to get tired. I’ll go for another walk, put a cold cloth over my eyes, keep the window open, eat a lot of sugar, drink a lot of tea and soda, and chew gum. This helps me stay somewhat awake. I also do the mid-event meme, which I’ve been looking forward to for some hours now, since it’s always a fun thing to do.

3AM (hour 14): At some point, my eyes are just getting too tired to get any reading done. I read the same page over and over again before finally deciding that I need a few hours of sleep.

6.30AM (hour 17,5): I get up, get dressed and run to the bakery to get some freshly baked goods for my breakfast. I’ll catch up on social media while I eat and as soon as I’m done, I’m off to more reading.

11AM: (hour 22): I may have slept for 3-4 hours, but I’m incredibly tired and I start counting down until the end.

1PM (hour 24): I realize there’s just one hour left and I start to panic. I haven’t read for the past hour because I was busy on social media. Now I really have to hurry up if I wanna reach my goal. I give it my all in this final hour.

2PM (end of hour 24): The event is over. I count my books and pages and catch up on the event – how did everyone else do?

I typically stay up an hour or two after the readathon has ended because I’m too high on sugar to go to sleep. It’s an exhausting day (or two…) for me, but it’s worth it all the time. I may be tired and somewhat annoying to my surroundings, but Dewey’s Readathon happens two times a year, so I think they can handle it. It’s a thing I always look forward to and this year is no exception.

So there you have it. My 24 hours during the readathon. I hope you all will have an amazing experience this time! 🙂

Thank you for sharing your experience, Irene!


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  1. Here is the Midwest United States it starts at 7:00 am. I think this is a perfect time. I usually get up an hour earlier than usual for the event. Then I will read until 2-3 in the morning before passing out until the event is over. Its a long day, but very exciting and one of my favorite days of the year.

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