April 2015

Warm Up: Advice For Newbies!

Hello friends, and welcome to the Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon! My name is Katie and I am a second-time Dewey participant. If you’re new to the Readathon, or even if you’re a second, third, fourth, or even more times participant, boy, oh boy, do I have some advice for you! I was a newbie last year and I did basically everything wrong. I was sick as a dog the couple of days that followed because I didn’t take care of myself! I don’t want that happening to you, so here are some tips and tricks to stave off that Readathon hangover!

1. Don’t forget to eat! I’m sure all of us have gotten so engrossed in a book that the time just slips away, and before we know it, our stomach is waging war against us and we could eat an entire cow.

Basically, don’t do the thing! Plan out snacks that will give you energy throughout the day, and go out the week before and buy them. Impromptu grocery trips can really eat into your reading time and shopping hungry means you buy more stuff you don’t need… And takes away book money! ;D

2. Don’t forgo naps! “What, Katie?! But napping takes away from valuable reading time!” I know, I know, I know. But research shows that 20-30 minute naps are great for a boost of energy, which is perfect if you’re planning on staying up all night reading!

Last year, I tried to go the full 24 hours without naps and almost died. No joke. I was SO TIRED and I barely even remember the last book I read (Prince Caspian, but still). This is supposed to be fun, and if you’re so tired you can’t see straight, it’s not fun.


  1. Don’t forget to take breaks! It’s plain unhealthy to stay in one position all day without moving. So between books, don’t be afraid to get up and have a Taylor Swift dance party or go for a run. Something totally different! And don’t feel bad for doing it!I think the most important thing is to listen to your body. If you have a headache, put the book away for a bit.
  2. Cheer others on! The Readathon’s goal is to create a sense of community. So if you have a Twitter or a blog, follow other readers who are doing the same thing you are! Organize reading sprints just to see how much you can get done!I met a bunch of really great people last year that I never would have met had it not been for Dewey. And hey, you have one big thing in common! You all love reading 🙂
  3. Don’t judge your progress on how many pages others have read. I read 8 books last year. But there were people who read double the books I did, and for a while I sort of beat myself up over it, but then I realized that was silly. I read EIGHT BOOKS IN 24 HOURS. Like, how cool is that?

And I’m not saying you need to read at least that many or you’re not part of the super secret Dewey club or something. If you’ve never finished a book in one day before, try it! If you’ve never read more than 100 pages in a day before, go for it! Dewey is for readers, no matter how many pages they read or how many books they finish.

So, what about you, Dewey vets? What advice do you have for newcomers (and oldcomers) to Dewey this year? Drop them in the comments!


1 thought on “Warm Up: Advice For Newbies!”

  1. Great tips! One thing I’ve done is to take my Kindle to the gym and read while I ride the stationary bike or you can use it on the treadmill, too. Or you can use an audiobook, too. Gets you out of the house and gets those muscles moving, but still you’re making progress with the readathon!

    One thing I do, if it is helpful to others, is concern myself more with page numbers than books read because I don’t necessarily read monogamously (ok, I never do) and I still make so much progress but it doesn’t seem like it if I only actually finish 1 book. And a lot of times people who’ve read 15 books are reading novellas or graphic novels while you may be reading weightier material. It all varies so much that you can’t compare stats so easily as that! This year I am going to be reading short stories. I am excited about that! 🙂

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