April 2010

Volunteers Needed!

We’re gearing up for the read-a-thon coming up on April 10, 2010, and I need some volunteers! Here are some of the jobs I’ve got slots for:

  • Co-hosts
  • Mini-challenge team (organizing, posting on the readathon blog looking for volunteers, assigning people times, etc)
  • Cheerleader team (recruit, organize, and be available for questions)
  • Soliciting Prizes team (solicit prizes, solicit angels, and put prizes in list on Prize page)
  • Prize monitors/email monitors during the readathon
  • Prize distribution team

Any one of these jobs can take 10-20 hours of your time. Some jobs may take less time, but it’s definitely a time commitment.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email me at deweyreadathon at gmail and let me know which job you’re interested in. THANK YOU!!

Also, raise your hand if you CAN’T WAIT for the read-a-thon.

::Trish raises hand::

27 thoughts on “Volunteers Needed!”

  1. *raises hand sadly* I will be busy most of the day! =( But hoping to participate in some small way… much of my morning will be at the doctor’s office, so that bodes well for some serious reading. =)

  2. I had fun during the first one, and I was planning on doing it again, but I’ve signed up for a mud run that day. Guess I’m out this time. 🙁 Next time, right?

  3. I’m not able to participate in the reading side of it this year because I’ll be busy with the kids, but I’m sure I’ll sign up to do something like be a cheerleader. I wouldn’t want to miss out on it entirely! 🙂

  4. I am taking off work for that weekend so that I can read all 24 of the hours. I had a blast last time, but because I had to work my overnight job I missed out on a lot of the challenges and the wrap up. But not this time!! So excited!

  5. Can I raise my hand any higher than this??? 😛 Really looking forward to my 2nd read-a-thon! Unfortunately I had a hard time coping the first time, so no organizing duties for this grrl (yet). Got to learn to handle things better first 😉

    So… I have high regard for all you organizers / volunteers!!!


  6. *Raises Hand*

    I absolutely can’t wait. I have so much reading to catch up on. This time I’m going to do more reading and less tweeting and blogging.

    I’d love to volunteer but I don’t see how I can do both. Maybe the prize solicitor. Is there a specific set of words you say or could I do it the way I normally do?

  7. Raising my hand! 🙂 Haven’t taken part in one of these before but it sounds great fun.

    Happy to volunteer as a cheerleader – sounds manageable without really knowing what it entails.

  8. I can’t do much right now to set up and organize (way too busy this month), but I will absolutely be cheering come April!

  9. With a one year old on the move…I can’t sign up for extra duties but I am very excited!!!! Can’t wait…Will spread the word on my blog closer to the time!

  10. This sounds like a lot of fun! I’d definitely want to volunteer and will try to carve out time for a book or two if possible. I’m uncertain what positions are still available, but count me in!

  11. I forgot to raise my hand before I sent an email to volunteer. I think I’m going to start coming up with my read-a-thon tbr.

    p.s. I already made sure my family knows about this day…so they can leave me out of any plans ; )

  12. I’m willing to help in anyway you need although I’ve never helped before and will have to be lead by the hand like a little child.

  13. this would be my first time and would be requesting from my boss to have 2 days off for this hehe am excited *raises hand*
    thank you sumthinblue for inspiration from your blog looks like i need to come up with a tbr list for this ah hmmm .

    by the way before i forget would like to volunteer as a cheerleader and reader though hope i could survive the 24 hours though *inspiration and determination needs here hehe*

  14. ::raising hand::

    first time! Hopefully I can finish don Quixote finally… But I’ve got other stuff just in case

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