The End

And finally, the April 2010 Read-a-Thon is over. I’ve had an amazing time with all of you this Read-a-Thon. I hope everyone had lots of fun and read some phenomenal books. Time for this co-host to drag herself to bed. Remember to subscribe to this blog’s feed so you don’t miss the wrap-up post!

57 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Congrats to everyone on an awesome Read-a-Thon~

    My first ever Read-a-Thon was a blast, all thanks to you guys! 🙂

    Sweet book-filled dreams~ 😉


  2. Congrats to all of us (readers, cheerleaders, mini-challenges hosts, and this blog’s dear hosts). I miss this event already 🙂

  3. A BIG thanks to everyone involved in putting this on! I know it is a lot of work and sacrifice! The little bit I got to participate was great – and I can’t help but think how happy Dewey would be to see the read-a-thon she started continuing and with so many participants. I can just see her smiling and reading along with us from Heaven!! Great job!!

  4. I’m really sad that I never knew Dewey, this was my first read-a-thon and it was amazing! I can’t wait for the next one. I think everyone did a great job! The hosts, cheerleaders and challenge hosts were awesome! Thanks to everyone for making this such a great experience.

    I took a nap break between 4:00 and 6:00 AM, but am so ready for another one.
    Nighty Night

  5. a great big thanks to everyone involved!!

    Ode to a Read-a-Thon

    Sleep sneak attacks at the oddest moments
    The world tilts you out of your seat
    The ground looses its grip on your feet
    Then clad in not but the sky’s adornments
    You slide into dream as long regiments
    Of text glide endlessly past your eyes
    On the flapping wings of dragon flies.

    by Joy Renee October 2009

    can’t wait for October

    read with joy

  6. Thank you, to everyone, to the organizers, the gifters, the cheerleaders, the readers, all of twitterdom for putting up with us. I had a blast! Can we do this again Wednesday? I’m off work… lol.

  7. Thanks to the organisers, cheerleaders, mini-challenge hosts and all the amazing readers involved in the Read-a-thon. It’s been lots of fun and I can’t wait for the next one (as soon as I get some sleep!)

  8. Thanks to you, Jennifer, and your other co-hosts for hosting this April’s read-a-thon! It was really awesome! Congrats to all readers and bloggers who participated in it! Thanks to all the cheerleaders for all the encouragement and support! I am already looking forward to the next read-a-thon in October 🙂

  9. Congratulations, everyone! Wonderful job on the Read-a-Thon! Way to go! I’ll be looking forward to reading with you all on October. Keep on rocking and reading, read-a-thoners! It’s been lots of fun! 😀

  10. it was fun, I read a lot and even woke up this morning and read some more. Can’t wait till next time. Congrats to everyone who read their little hearts out. And thanks so much to the cheerleaders. And everyone behind the scenes making this read-a-thon happen, Thank You.

  11. Well done, people, you seem to have had a whole lot of fun!

    Too bad I wasn’t able to make it this time. As I was quite busy, I planned to involve my fiancé (who is not a blogger), he would do the reading and I would pop in and do some blogging and cheerleading, but that did not work in the end 🙁 I’m only turning on the computer now, and my blog is still down (it has been so for some time, but I had hopes to bring it back to life in time for the Read-a-Thon).

    By the next Read-a-Thon we should be just back from our honeymoon and I am decidedly planning on taking part in the fun with you all!

  12. Thanks everyone!! This was my first Readathon and it was fun! I’m looking forward to October. Hopefully it is the second weekend again (October 9th…hint…hint) so that I can participate. I will definitely invite some friends to join me and make it a PARTY!!!

  13. Thank you so very much to all the organizers and the cheerleaders and the other participants. I made it 21 hours, which I don’t think is bad for a first-timer. And, even more importantly, I had a fantastic time!

    Thanks again!

  14. I had a really good time doing this! Thank you to everyone who helped out,too. I’ll see you here again in October or around the blogosphere.

  15. Thank you event coordinators, hourly hosts, mini-challenge hosts, prize donators, readers and cheerleaders for helping to make the Read-A-Thon a great event!!!

  16. I can see I was clearly tired last night. “I am so reading to fall into bed” is supposed to say “I am so ready to fall into bed” on my previous comment.

  17. I feel like singing the “We Did It” song from Dora the Explorer!

    We Did It
    We Did It
    We Did It Yeah!
    Lo Hicimos
    We Did it!

    Thanks to all the organizers, cheerleaders, challenge creators, prize donators and all the behind the scenes people. It always seems to go by so fast! I can’t wait till October.

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