April 2017

The All-Event #IGreadathon Challenge!

Time for something special! Amanda from Fig and Thistle Books, and a long-time friend-of-the-thon, had a rad idea: an ALL-EVENT CHALLENGE! Here’s the scoop!

  • Each account is allowed to post 24 images using the #IGReadathon AND #FigThistleBooks hashtags.
  • At the end of the readathon, Amanda will use a random number generator to select a winner!
  • Prize: $15 book of your choice from the Book Depository.  This challenge is international.

Now get going!

8 thoughts on “The All-Event #IGreadathon Challenge!”

  1. It says that each participant ‘may’ post ‘up to’ 24 pictures; does that mean that if you post at least one picture you’re participating, or does each participant HAVE to post all 24?
    Lovely idea either way! 😊

  2. Amanda here to answer some questions! Priya, I’ll be doing a search on the hashtags and that is how I know you’re participating. Camilla, you don’t have to post 24 pictures. Just one picture is participating! Of course, you have a higher chance of winning if you post 24!

  3. Good idea! I also have the same question as Marie- do the pictures have to be posted within a specific hour? What can the pictures be of?

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