October 2016

So, where CAN you find us online anyway?

Hello Readathoners! This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and we are less than a week away from the most wonderful day of the Fall!
If I’ve counted correctly, this will be my 15th readathon. Over the 7 and a half years that I have been participating in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon, I have seen this even grow from several hundred readers to now around 2,000. And witnessing this growth has been such a joy. I don’t know about you, but this is an event I look forward to ever spring and fall. I get my family involved in reading throughout the world. Everyone reads, including my year and a half old nephew.
Naturally, as this event has grown, so has it’s presence on social media. In the beginning, participation used to be primarily limited to personal blogs, this website, and twitter. But now it is so much bigger than that. I thought I would take a minute and introduce you to all the places you can participate for the readathon!
Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon:
Short Blurb: Well, since you are already here, I trust you know about this website. But in case you don’t know what to expect, every hour on the hour there will be a new hourly post from one of our co-host volunteers. I’ve been manning the last several hours for several years now and it is a blast. Those posts will include a short message, encouraging you to read on, the links to the current mini-challenges, and any prize winners. It is good to check in on the website ever couple of hours to stay informed on what is happening with the readathon. Additionally, you will find a place to include the books you’ve read to our database so we can see what books have been read during the readathon.
Dewey’s Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/readathon
Short Blurb: If you look at the main page for Dewey’s Twitter Account, it will tell you that it was founded in April 2009. That makes it 7 and a half years old. Twitter is a great way to participate in the readathon. It is easy to snap a quick picture and update. To cheer on other people who are participating. To get involved in the book reading community. It is also easy to lose yourself in the #readathon hashtag. For hours. Trust me, I have done it. We’ve had members put in twitter jail for too many tweets during readathon! And we always pride ourselves in getting the hashtag readathon treading during the event. This gets more people interested and more people reading. If you have twitter, I highly recommend you check it out. So much fun during the event.
Short Blurb: Two years ago, we decided to make a platform where those without a blog could participate in things like the mini-challenges, without needing to create their own blog. Since then, the group has grown into so much more. There are threads to participate on and update what they are reading. Post what’s on their reading piles, what’s on their plate, what they are currently reading, and so much more. Last year we decided to expand it to have hourly discussion threads with co-moderators  just for goodreads who will post a question of the hour. There are also six hour long sprints where people put away all distractions and see how much they can read in an hour. This group has formed its own little community and we always welcome more to come and participate with us and enjoy the love of reading. If you have a goodreads account, you should really come and check us out.
Short Blurb: Last year, one of our readers asked if we could create a Facebook group. We thought that was a good idea and so we went ahead and did that, not really knowing how much attention it would garner. Now we have almost 1000 members and it is an active group all year long, not just during readathon. They help keep us informed of other, non-Dewy readathons. But during the event itself, it is very active and very easy to use (especially if you have facebook). It is so easy to post your pictures or write your updates there and with so many members, it is so easy to cheer one another along. You never feel alone or isolated on the facebook group. Sometimes (for me personally) twitter is so large that I can get lost and overwhelmed in it. So if you are looking for a happy medium, please check out and join our Facebook group.
Other Places to Readathon:
There are so many ways to readathon other than the ways I have named above. I know that many people will post pictures on their Instagram pages (we are there too! Deweysreadathon! Look us up!) and use the hashtag #readathon. Additionally, we are on Litsy as deweyreadathon. The FABULOUS Liberty Hardy will be running the show over there for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH LIBERTY!!!
There are personal blogs that will have people participating in the readathon. On Youtube, in the past, some readers have posted videos with their To Be Read piles and some small updates. We will be posting links to all these readers who signed up in the coming days.
Do you know of ways to readathon that I missed? Please let us know in the comment section below. This is an awesome event and there are so many ways to participate. Find the way that works best for you and do it! Happy Readathon!!!

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  1. Great post, Kate! It’s interesting to see how far this Readathon has come since the beginning. With so many ways to participate, there’s literally something for everyone!

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