April 2010, readathon

Sign-up to be a cheerleader for the April 10 Read-a-Thon

Wanted: Cheerleaders to offer encouragement, love and support to all of the readers during the read-a-thon. The ideal candidate must have a willingness to leave comments (cheesy or otherwise), provide virtual doses of caffeine (or virtual hugs…whatever is needed), and tell readers that they are doing a fabulous job. Cheerleaders will work from the comfort of their own home, with or without pom-poms. Cheerleaders can commit to a variety of cheering levels…there is no requirement to stay up all night! You can pledge to cheer for 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 (or more!) hours (please note: your cheering time does not have to be consecutive…you can spread it out over the course of the day). Prior experience NOT required…all that is needed is a computer and a positive attitude.

If you are interested in joining our peppy team, please fill out the Google form below…after which, you can proudly display this (or one from prior years) cheerleading badge on your blog:

After you sign up, you will then be assigned to a cheer squad and your head cheerleader will be in touch with the details of who all you will be cheering for and a link to a top secret cheerleading blog that will contain lots of cheerleading info. Okay, not really on the top secret part, but we’re still working on the blog. If you have any questions before you sign up, please email Jill: fizzybeverage at gmail dot com.

31 thoughts on “Sign-up to be a cheerleader for the April 10 Read-a-Thon”

  1. Alita – yay! Thanks for volunteering!

    Beth – do we need to warn Twitter that you’ll be cheerleading? 😀

  2. I would love to be a cheer leader for the book challenge! Now I better practice my cool scissor kicks, I wouldn’t want to pull a groin muscle!

  3. Kiki and Ella – Thanks for signing up!

    Tammy – You’re not showing in our spreadsheet…did you fill out the Google form?

  4. These read-a-thons are ALWAYS on weekends during which I can’t participate. ALWAYS. C’mon, I needed this during one of those cold, boring, uneventful weekends in January or February!

  5. I only committed to cheerlead for 1 hour, but I’m sure I’ll do more! It’s a great break every couple of hours to spend some time encouraging others.

  6. I’m working this weekend (have been every time it seems!), but I had a great time cheering last fall in between reference desk shifts.

  7. I really loved how great the cheerleaders were last year, so I wanted to join them this year. Also, it’ll be a nice break from reading.

  8. I signed up to be a cheerleader for one hour, but I don’t think the form went through. Still, count me in if you want me! Blessings, Bellezza

  9. I just can’t resist even though the 10th will be a busy day for me! I’m going to squeeze an hour in because I love to cheer people on to more reading!

  10. This sounds like such fun. 🙂 I wish I could participate as a reader and commit to more “cheerleading” hours (am currently signed up for just one hr.), but a pesky thing called coursework will likely munch away at my time on Saturday! Can’t wait to see what everyone will be reading, though. Rah! Rah!

  11. Well, I filled out the form, committed to just one hour since it’s my first readathon — and then I didn’t see a button or anything to submit the form. I’m on a computer with IE 8. Is it a technical problem, or is there a submit button somewhere and I’m just not seeing it???

  12. Okay, just signed up to cheer for an hour – now what??? LoL, looking forward to expanding my participation this time around 🙂

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