October 2015

Sign Up for the October 2015 Readathon!


Finally! It’s that time! Sign ups are going live TODAY for the October 17th readathon.

We’re making a few changes behind the scenes, so the form is a little bit different. We’re asking that you provide a direct link to wherever your home will be on Readathon Day. Will you be mainly on your blog? Link there. Will you be on Twitter? Link there. And etc. When you have over 1500 links to go through, a complete, direct link will help so much. If you want a cheerleader, please designate where. We’re hoping to expedite the process so that everyone who wants a cheerleader will definitely get one.

We have also added an email list. If you want to get our posts, now and during the readathon, in your email instead of having to visit the website, sign up over there.

Thanks and here you go! Let the sign upping begin!

25 thoughts on “Sign Up for the October 2015 Readathon!”

  1. Just signed up (Ann-Kjersti, @thereadingmenu), and went to doubble check my work shedule. Will not be able to participate afterall. Have to be at work for 17 of the 24 h. 😔 You can just delete me from the list.:(((

  2. i signed up twice but the second time with my blog link. Could you ignore my first entry? Thanks! Very excited for my first readathon!

  3. So I did signed up but verified my work schedule as well, it seems I won’t be able to do it 🙁 Can you delete my request? 😭

  4. So sorry, realised i won’t enable to do it after all!! If it’s possible, am I able to withdraw my participation. Id asked for cheerleaders too, so I’m sorry about not bei able to participate after all 🙁

  5. I Very much want to do this. It will be my first ever. However I have a bonfire to go to that evening and a dress fitting with my daughter earlier in the day. Should I just wait for the next one or get as much reading in as I can around these two events?

  6. I’m excited for this event, and will be Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging before, during, and after. Is there a Facebook page?

  7. I only just found out about this read a thon but I love the idea! I’m signing up now, am I too late? I have a Halloween party Saturday night but want to commit to this all day before then!

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