April 2010

Share your read-a-thon plans!

It’s almost time!

Are you all getting excited for the read-a-thon? Do you have your books waiting in a pile? Do you have your snacks made or set out (or do you have a special read-a-thon grocery list)? Do you have a plan for posting? Do you have a ginormous Do Not Disturb sign ready to hang on your door? Are you going to hibernate at a favorite coffee shop?

Or, are you just going with the flow, letting the day play out as it will?

Readers approach the read-a-thon with a variety of plans, snacks and attitudes. There is certainly no right or wrong way to ‘thon, but if you’ve posted about your intentions, we’d love to read about it. Share your pre-read-a-thon words and pictures here:

39 thoughts on “Share your read-a-thon plans!”

  1. Wow, I think I was first. Handy that you posted right before my husband needed to take the computer away for the day. 😉 My link is simply a list of the books I’ve set aside for tomorrow. I’m hoping to do some food prep/comfy reading area prep/clothes to wear tomorrow prep as well. 🙂 Wish I had a butler/cook for the food part, that would be groovy. 🙂

  2. This is my first Read-a-Thon finally. My post is most about how I used the sin of deceit in order that I will not have to drop out at the last minute like I did in the fall.

    Also I’m very excited.

  3. I have made a post about Readathon but I am using the time as a Reviewathon to get caught up on my reviews! I will be cheering though! Can I link my post anyway or should I not? Thanks.

  4. I wrote a whole post about my plans then came over to get the url so I could link here, only to find that YA’LL HAVE READ MY MIND!


  5. I can’t wait to start on this! I have to lose a few hours due to work and Doctor Who, but it’s gonna be a blast! Just submitted my plans for the readathon, but I’ve got nothing really structured save for a steady supply of coffee 😛

  6. I posted this yesterday and edited it today. Looking forward to tomorrow I start at 1pm (gmt) and I’m ready, well except for my web cam set up but that can wait until tomorrow morning.

  7. Here’s a link to my prep post.
    As Spongebob Squarepants might say: “I’m Ready!” and “Go Lucidia, Go Lucidia, Go Self!”

  8. Looking forward to my first Read-a-thon!! Spose I’d better do some housework today to make up for tomorrow…..ooh …what’s that book there…..read…read…ooh and look at that knitting I need to do……oooh …..knit…knit…..housework….schmousework…..

  9. Since I have my bookclub meeting tomorrow afternoon, I am going to read at the very least from about 9 am to about 3 pm, when I have to leave for my bookclub meeting, and I am hoping to so some more reading from about 9 pm till about midnight, as I have church in the morning on Sunday. If I can do more, I will do more. I will go and get some snacks not only for tonight’s movie night that I am holding for myself, but also so that I can read after I get back from my bookclub meeting.

  10. Tiffany — funny you mentioned church. For me the Read-a-Thon goes from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. and I’ve been very much assuming I wouldn’t go to church with my husband and my daughter. But just this afternoon I started thinking … “Well, maybe I could just stay awake til after”…. but I turn 34 on the 19th, and that just doesn’t sound as fun to me as it once was. Heck, let’s be honest, it might not have sounded much more fun when I was 16. 😉

  11. I’m so excited! This is my first time participating! I just checked my library holds and I have 3 books I need to pick up tomorrow! YAY! That’s 3 more to add to my TBR pile! Ok off to relax and rest up for tomorrow! 11 hours to go!

  12. Looking forward to it!! This is #3 for me. I was hoping to have my old blog up and running – but nope! so I’ll use my alt blog I created for books only.

    I’m so excited! I enjoy this!

  13. I really should have done more advance planning! I’m just gonna go with the flow for this one. I did, however, get some caff. beverages for the end when I’m starting to drag. I hope I can make it the full time!

  14. Forgot to include my blog site next to my link which is A Bushel and A Peck. Ah well…

    Just wanted to thank you for this great opportunity. This is not only a great way to get reading (and spend some quality time with my daughters who will be reading alongside me), but it has also opened the door to blogging again. Thank you!

    I can’t wait to get started!!

    Good luck to all participants!


  15. Hi all! 🙂 I’m off to a bit of a slow and late start. I wrote in a short post this morning that my reading plans (detailed in the post I linked to above, written Thursday night) have already changed a little because I forgot my current read at work yesterday. But I’ve started a novel that’s making me laugh out loud (King Dork, by Frank Portman), and I’m ripping more discs of my current audiobook (On Beauty, by Zadie Smith) so I can fill my mp3 player and go for a walk soon — it’s already 63 here and sunny!

    Have a great day of reading and blog-hopping, everyone!

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