October 2009, readathon

Reading for a Cause

In previous read-a-thons, some of the participants donated an amount of money of their choice to charity for every hour spent reading, every page read, or every book completed. This is by no means mandatory, but we thought we’d remind you that it is an option. Last April, participants managed to raise almost $1,500 for charity, and it would be fantastic if we all could match or surpass that amount this time!

Here is a list of suggested charities we posted last time. You are all, of course, more than free to donate to a charity not on the list. But if you haven’t made up your mind yet, take a look. Maybe you’ll find a cause dear to your heart there.

If you’re reading for a cause and care to share your choice, we’d love to hear about it!

15 thoughts on “Reading for a Cause”

  1. All year I and a few readers have been reading for different reading related causes (see for more information http://yearofreaders.blogspot.com). I know a few will be read-a-thoners this year and I’ll be reading, trying to increase my yearly total of books (all my current sponsorship is off line but people are sponsoring me per book). All the money I raise will go to Room to Read, while everyone else has different charities to support and each book anyone involved reads throughout 2009 earns an extra penny from my personal pocket for EcoLibris.

    I’m now thinking I personally might set up something seperate up for read-a-thon, based on how many pages I read, in case spur of the moment people want to add to my total during read-a-thon. Will pop back if I decide to do this.

  2. I will be reading for RAIN (Rape and Incest Victims). Two members of my family have been raped and so it is a cause that is close to my heart.

  3. I have decided to donate 5 cents for each page I read to a foundation that helps penguins! I am unsure which foundation I will donate to as of right now, so I’m going to do some research first.

  4. I’m going to read for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary…we give to them several times a year and thought it would be nice to combine the Read-a-thon with our next giving 🙂

    I’ll be posting about it later on today.

  5. As a former Teach for America corps member and 2nd grade teacher in very high poverty area of Chicago, I’m reading for a grant posted by another TFA member and 2nd grade teacher in Chicago (I have no idea who she is, but since she’s in the same boat I was, I want to help out). She has a grant up for over 30 books for interactive readalouds. I will be donating $5 for every book I read and encouraging others to sponsor me.

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