Readathon Wrap Up for October 2016

Hi everyone! Heather here with your October 2016 Readathon wrap up! Are you like me and love to look at the stats after these events? Let’s get right to it!

Readers signed up: 1723

Books read (currently at): 1192 (don’t forget to add the books you finished to the database!)

Countries represented (that we know of): France, India, US, Spain, Japan, Poland, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Norway, New Zealand, Wales, Israel, Austria, Australia, Bosnia, Scotland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Brazil (Holy Cats that’s awesome.)

Social Media used: Facebook, Twitter, Litsy, Goodreads, Instagram, this Blog… We were slightly unprepared for Litsy and very excited by the response there! We will definitely utilize it even more in April.

I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing us to try this change with the cheering. As the co-host responsible for the cheering teams, this took a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I haven’t enjoyed a Readathon this much in years and was able to help Andi so much more with the other behind the scenes stuff. In truth, cheering took all my time the month before and the day of the Readathon. So thank you, so much, for allowing us to try it and I hope you will allow us to continue to modify the cheering to get it to where it is fun for all.

Now, see you ALL in April! Invite your friends!

15 thoughts on “Readathon Wrap Up for October 2016”

  1. I loved it so much! I heard about it through Litsy, so yes definitely a big plus there, but I used my blog, Instagram, Fbook, Twitter and, of course, Litsy. This turned out different for me than I though it would, but in a great great way. I had never been able to participate in a lengthy readathon before. I’ll definitely do it again. Thank you!!!

  2. A year ago, I was mostly a Goodreads-based participant, but over the past 2 readathons I’ve realized that Facebook and Litsy are way more my style for this particular event. Please let me know if you need any help on these platforms going forward!

  3. I participated mainly via/through Tumblr (with all my posts shared to my Twitter). I did do a little cheering on Twitter.

    This was once again a really fun Readathon! Thank you to everyone involved in hosting it for us! 🙂

  4. Thanks for hosting such an amazing readathon! I had a lot of fun, and it couldn’t have happened without everyone over here, and on every other platform 🙂

  5. Thanks to all the hosts and facilitators! I’m drained and a bit tired, but the experience was so exhilarating! Ditto what Brave New Books said, plus the Facebook platform was even more enjoyable than it was in April. I’m looking forward to its being even better the next time!

  6. I was cheering on Instagram & it was less stressful just checking the tag than having a list to check on. I enjoyed this readathon so much more & made a lot of new friends! Thank you all for the hard work you put into the event!

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