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Read-a-thon Count Down: Day 4. Remembering Dewey!

dewey-challengeAndi here! One of your Read-a-Thon hosts, Co-Host Coach, Prize Wrangler, Twitter addict…

Here we are, on the cusp of another Read-a-Thon, and for this long-time blogger, there’s one person on my mind more than anyone else. Our beloved Dewey passed away in 2008 after founding the Read-a-Thon in 2007. I think she would be absolutely thrilled that this event is still going strong in its sixth year, and the enthusiasm is as infectious as ever.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to know Dewey, I like to share a little of her writing before Read-a-Thon time. I never deleted her blog from my Google Reader, so I still have all of her old posts to enjoy. It makes me very sad that with the demise of Google Reader I will lose her words, but for now we should bask in them. I chose this particular post of hers for its usual humor, and for the fact that her focus was always on building this book blogging community up and up and UP! And how many of us can relate to falling down the rabbit hole this way?




I’m going through emailed submissions for the Bookworms Carnival, and realizing just what bad shape my attention span is in. I might even need attention span surgery, stat.

Here’s how NOT to host a carnival.

Step 1: Click on an emailed submission.

Step 2: Click on blog post link inside email.

Step 3: Enjoy blog post, leave a comment, go read more posts on the same blog. Watch some videos the blog links to. Take some internet quizzes the blog links to.

Step 4: While reading the comments after the 9th post on that blog, become amused by a commenter and click her link.

Step 5: Read 5 posts on that person’s blog.

Step 6: Sixth post on that person’s blog mentions chocolate. Decide to go get some chocolate.

Step 7: In the kitchen, where the chocolate lives, notice that dishes need to be put away.

Step 8: While putting away dishes, notice that your favorite tea mug is now clean. Make some tea.

Step 9: Notice that you’re out of darjeeling. Return to computer, go to republicoftea.com. Order darjeeling.

Step 10: Wonder what you were doing.

Step 11: Realize that your not-saved draft for the carnival post was the tab in which you typed republicoftea.com into the url box.

Step 12: Gasp in horror. Try the back arrow.

Step 13: Say words that make the cat blush.

Step 14: Start all over again.


I love it!

I know you’re all gearing up for the Read-a-Thon and have been, by the looks of Twitter, for a good while now! Here are a few last-minute requests and reminders…

1. Turn off Captcha or other “word verification” apps so that cheerleaders and other visitors can comment with speed and ease!

2. Make your profiles public on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al if you’d like Read-a-Thon visitors on those sites.

3. Make sure you’re hashtagging your Read-a-Thon posts on Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else with any of the official tags: #readathon #dewey #rahrahreadathon

HAVE FUN! The Read-a-Thon is a joyous time to celebrate Dewey and our bookish community. Do what you can and enjoy yourself, first and foremost.


18 thoughts on “Read-a-thon Count Down: Day 4. Remembering Dewey!”

  1. I wish I had Google Reader in those days so I still had words from Dewey. 🙁 I was using something else back then, though… Ah, well. I am sure Dewey would love the community that the readathons create. It brings people together that don’t normally interact the rest of the year and Dewey was all about community. 🙂

    Is this the first read-a-thon where Instagram is very popular? I will be curious to see what that leads to. I remember when Twitter was just gaining popularity for a read-a-thon. You can watch social media rise and fall through these events. 🙂

  2. Yaayy! So excited to be participating on my first readathon! 😀
    Dewey sounds great and I wish I had a chance to meet her. Her iniciative to start the Readthon is really admirable and I think I speak for all readers when I say she’ll be in our thoughts through every page 🙂

    I don’t know if there are Brazilian bloggers joining, other than me, but i’ll pridly represent all of us. It’s a great opportunity and I’m excited to see the interaction on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

  3. I miss Dewey. She was so awesome. I never thought about losing her words when GR is no more. 🙁 At least, I still have some emails from her. I think she would be ecstatic that her read-a-thon is going strong.

  4. When Google Reader goes away, you can always use the Way Back Machine at archive.org to read Dewey’s posts. That’s what I did the other day to find out more about her. 🙂

  5. Angie, that’s amazing! I wasn’t aware of that tool. I will most definitely have to play with it.


  6. Dewey was just incredible. I feel so lucky that I’ve been around long enough that I’ve got some of her comments on my blog.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about GR. I’ll loose both Dewey and Donna’s (from Book a Week, our old Yahoo Group) blogs. So sad.

    I wish I had had more time with Dewey. We were just starting to talk a bit when she passed. One of the many regrets of my life. At least we still have this wonderful weekend to read and remember her. Beautiful post, Andiroo!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this Andi! I miss Dewey so damn much…these readathons always bring her right back to the forefront of my mind….in a good way though 🙂 The best way. I was thinking about Google Reader too. It made me so pissed off at Google when I realized I was going to lose her feed!!! But I cannot thank Angie enough for the Way Back Machine comment!!! That is so great to know about!! I lost so many of her comments on my blog when I switched 🙁 I was on a self hosted blog when I really got to know Dewey and I transferred all of my reviews over, but couldn’t transfer the comments 🙁 I have my emails and my memories, but it would’ve killed me to completely lose her blog! Me and Debi had already talked about copying and pasting all of her posts into a word document :p Anyway, I can’t WAIT for tomorrow and thanks again to you and Heather for continuing this dear!

  9. This read-a-thon is such a wonderful way to honor Dewey. I feel as though I’ve gotten to know her in a tiny way over the past few years of read-a-thons as people have shared their memories of her.

  10. I miss Dewey so much. I’m sure she’d be DELIGHTED her memory has lived on in the way that it has. I’m reading for you, Dew.

  11. Thanks so much for your post. I did some of the first read-a-tons with Dewey and miss her tons, especially around read-a-thon times. She was such a sweetheart! Thanks for the comments about how to keep her posts. I didn’t know google reader was going away either.

    Thanks for sharing your memories – I love hearing how people knew Dewey and their memories of her. I think she would be so honored that the read-a-thon continues in her memory!

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