October 2017

October 2017 READER Sign-Ups!

Ready for the biggest reading party of the DECADE? So are we! We’re celebrating 10 years of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, and if you’d like to READ during the event, sign up here!

Do you have to read the whole 24 hours? NOOOO! Do what ya can. We’d love to have you!

We will have prize donation and mini-challenge sign-ups soon, so we’ll see you back here!

20 thoughts on “October 2017 READER Sign-Ups!”

  1. glad to see we have the option to list more than one link this time around! That really bothered me last time we could only really include one link since I use different locations for different aspects of the readathon.

  2. It’s so incredible that the tradition continues, thanks to you who sponsor us. I remember doing this with Dewey when she began it, and I am awed to be doing it almost every year since. Thank you.

  3. Where is that page where we can see everyone who has signed up and click on the link to go to their blog? Thanks!

  4. Someone needs to update the FAQ, which says that the signups are done in a field on the right-hand column. It took far too long for me to find this page.

  5. I hope my sign-up worked, the process was a little iffy on the mobile site and I jad one too many glasses of red wine. Plan for the weekend: Halloween reading, Insomnia by Stephen King.

  6. So glad to be a part of this. I missed last year. See all of you around social media! I’ll be looking for your hashtags LoveFrances_

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