October 2014, readathon

October 2014 READER Sign-Ups!

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Helloooooooooooooooo, everybody! Today is the day! Reader sign-ups are here, and we are so excited you’re joining us for the October 18, 2014 Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

There will be MUCH more coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll have cheerleader sign-ups, prize donations, videos, warm-up posts, and we’re even kicking off a Goodreads group! Stay tuned! You don’t want to miss a thing!

Check out the video below for more info about the Readathon, specifically about what you’re signing up for! Sorry I kept looking at my door. Was afraid someone was gonna bust into my office!

One of the best ways to stay in touch is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Note: Sign up with the Linky below!

131 thoughts on “October 2014 READER Sign-Ups!”

  1. I hope the Read-A-Thon will help me to resuscitate my blog. Each time I want to write a post, I’m bored before having written the first word 🙁
    I know I’m not the only one in this case but still.
    This Spring was my first time and it was great and exciting so I’m confident 🙂
    Thanks again for organizing this event!

  2. Two of my daughters are going to read with me – the menfolk will be camping that weekend and we will have the house to ourselves! 🙂 Now to make the stack…

  3. I just linked to our Dewey page since there are two of us at my blog participating and we created a feed page where all our posts show up, since I haven’t done an intro post yet. I think I’m only going to update every 3-4 hours this time though. It’s too hard to do as frequently as I did on past RATs and still get my reading in. My only comment about cheerleading is make sure assigned cheerleaders to a blog are hitting all participating members. April went better, but I know the previous October, I never got any cheerleading on my posts. but my coblogger/friend participating had a bunch of cheerleading comments on all her posts where I had none.

  4. I am so excited to do this again this year. I even signed up to be a cheerleader! I can’t wait. I found out the day of in April. Now, I’ll be more prepared. *picking through books* What a great, fun thing to do. Haven’t done a read a thon in a while.

  5. I had so much fun during the April Read-a-Thon, I am definitely excited to participate in the October one. Now the question is… can I beat my April record?

    I can’t wait to see what everyone else is reading!

  6. Since I’ve signed up, a change in my life have happened and I will not have the Internet during all the read-a-thon. I’ve signed up with the spreadsheet to be cheered but I will not have a connection on the evening, the night and early in the morning (my time zone is GMT+1). As I know the “official cheerleaders” will have a lot of work, I do not want to take the place of someone else.

  7. I dont know what to read. the infinite sea by Rick Yancey book 2 (of the 5th wave trilogy ) or trial by fire by Josephine Angeelini book 1 of the (The Worldwalker Trilogy)? help

  8. Henry, I believe you would start at 9:00 a.m. The RAT begins at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, and there is currently a 1-hour difference between EST and the time in Brazil (due to the U.S. being on Daylight Savings Time).

  9. So very excited to participate for the first time! I’ll have to take a break in the middle (darn weekend work shifts), but I plan to cozy up with my cat, some tea and a pile of good reads for the rest of the challenge! 🙂

  10. Hi there! I signed up and won’t be able to commit now, which is a huge bummer. I don’t want anyone to waste time cheering for me or coming to my blog – how do I remove my name from the sign ups? Brandie is a Book Junkie. Thanks!!

  11. Thanks for letting us know, Brandie! I’ll make sure Heather takes you off the list. Have a great weekend!

  12. I was iffy, because I signed up for a 5k color run (I’ll be walking!) that day, but hey, it won’t be all day so I can get a little reading in, we’ll see how I do!

  13. Wow! This is awesome! This is my first time trying this out. I did the readathons at school as a kid through the Book It program and loved it. It’s cool to have a kind of grown up version. Guess I better get some books ready to roll…hahaha Thank you for putting this all together! 😀

  14. Me too. I always have to work on Readathon days. I’m so excited after all these years to finally participate.

  15. I swear I signed up earlier today, but I can’t find myself in the lists of links! Am I just blind? I’ve scrolled through the list like 5 times. :/

    I was just curious what my number was. I believe I should be around 300 or 400.

  16. Fill out the widget above where it says “Submit Link.” In the first field, your name. In the second field, your email. In the third field, the link to your blog, twitter, or other online home.

  17. Becca, I don’t see you in the widget, but you are most definitely in our spreadsheet. Sign up again if you’d like your link displayed on this page. We already have you put into a cheer team behind the scenes, so you should get some comments throughout the event. 🙂

  18. It’s not too late! Go on and fill out the widget. We can’t guarantee cheerleaders will make it to your site at this point, but #TeamRogue might find you. 🙂

  19. Hi, I signed up using my cell phone and ended up signing up twice. Is there anything I can do to correct my error?
    Thank you

  20. I thought I had signed up last month – but I can’t find my name on the list – so I signed up again! Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  21. I just decided to do this. I’m guessing that the database link to sign up is down since you had to have that done by the 15th to guarantee cheerleading. If I missed something though let me know!!!

  22. You’re right on point, Tiffany! However, we do have some lovely #TeamRogue cheerleaders who are gonna try to help us catch the folks who signed up later. I hope you’ll hop on twitter with us and use #readathon to really get a feel for the bigness of this! 😀

  23. This will be my 3rd Read-a-thon attempt. The first time, I actually tried to stay awake the whole time. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. Maybe in my younger days. But now, even my kids talk about /their/ younger days! *lol* Anyway, I was D.A.Y.S. catching up on my sleep and sanity.

    Last time, I think my body took over in sense memory, and I barely cracked a book. *sigh*

    So, I’m going with the 3rd time’s a charm theory here. I’m going to read as much as I can, but take it easy on myself (and the family) and just celebrate the joy of reading!

  24. This is super last minute, but I just realized that my link isn’t correct. I put in an @ symbol, where I should have put a period. My address should read bookishlybecca.blogspot.ca

    Any chance one of you lovely admins could fix it for me?
    I’m number 817.

  25. This is my first time and I’m not sure I’m doing this right. I’m reading “Things I should have told my daughter” by Pearl Cleage

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