Oct. 2014 Call for Cheerleaders!


That’s right. And don’t you forget it!

Hi guys! It’s me, Heather, your trusty Head Cheerleader, here again to remind you of just HOW AWESOME cheering for readers can be! Be you a reader, a bystander, or you just want to do some awesome cheering, WE NEED YOU. April was a blast. Cheerleading came together like never before. The only thing was, and always is, we need more cheerleaders! We had over EIGHT HUNDRED READERS in April. That’s right. 800. Readers. Even with the system working like never before, we were spread thin. So, even if you can cheer for 5 minutes, or the full 24 hours, your presence will be most gratefully accepted. Sign up below and I’ll be in contact soon! You’ll also find a little cheerleader FAQ below!

What does it mean to be a cheerleader for Dewey’s Read-a-thon?

It means having a great time while encouraging others by leaving a cheer or rhyme on their blog or through Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube.

You can read and cheer, in fact we encourage it!

Anyone can sign-up to be a cheerleader! There are some who solely devote their time to cheering but many readers enjoy cheering AND reading. Most readers will take an hour or two to go around and encourage other readers. While reading is the main focus of the read-a-thon it’s the interactions and connections you make that make the event so special.

How much time do I need to devote?

You can devote as much as 24 hours to as little as an hour. It’s whatever works best for your schedule! We certainly do not expect you to cheer for 24 hours, but wow, if you do, we would certainly all bow down to you.

How does this work?

There will be hundreds of readers to visit during the Read-A-Thon but don’t fret…you do not have to cheer for them all. Just a few days before the event you will be assigned a cheering squad based on the number of hours you said you could cheer. Each squad is then assigned a group of readers but you can of course cheer for those listed in the other squads!

Hip Hip Hooray!~ Now what you say?

Sign up below using the Google form to volunteer as a cheerleader. Instructions for how to proceed will arrive in your inbox closer to event time!
Cheerleader sign-ups are now closed! See you on Readathon day!

15 thoughts on “Oct. 2014 Call for Cheerleaders!”

  1. Amanda, it was that last big box, but if it was off your screen you might’ve had to tab to it. I’ll add your hour preference to the spreadsheet! 😀

  2. I would live to cheer on blogs and twitter but cannot commit to a certain time right now. My work schedule is constantly changing and I am lucky to get a few days notice. So if that can be worked out for being on a team to cheer as I can I can probably do 2 hours but no idea what hours work yet.

  3. You really aren’t totally committed to that time. We ask because it helps Heather shuffle people into groups so that there is cheering spread out all day. But like I said, not vital. We’d love for you to sign up and do what you can!

  4. SO sad I missed this sign up! This would have been so fun, especially since I know I can get a lot of reading done today but I could totally cheer people on! Oh well, maybe I’ll catch it the next round!

  5. I never saw any instructions in my inbox, so I’ll just randomly pick some reader’s websites and cheer then on anyway! The read-a-thon is a fun event!

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