April 2010

Mini-Challenge Host Sign Ups for April 10 Readathon

Woo Hoo!  It is time to sign up if you are interested in being a Mini-Challenge Host for the April 10th Readathon.

What we are looking for is unique and fun mini challenges to run throughout the readathon.  If you want to enter to host a mini challenge but are struggling to come up with ideas, be sure to look through the posts on this site from last October (most posts reference a mini-challenge).  There are many wonderful ideas here that should help stimulate your own ideas.

While we encourage you to fill out the form and enter for a challenge spot, note that we are looking for 30 mini challenges at the most.  The Mini Challenge Coordinator Team will look at and review all the ideas and then notify those who have been selected on or before April 3rd.

Please note that if your challenge is accepted you do need to be prepared to post during the Readathon at the time that is appointed to you (the form has time slots you can choose from).

OOH! OOH!  I have a question!!!   Please check out the Readathon FAQ’s page if you have any questions.

The mini challenges are a fun part of the Readathon and we thank you for all ideas submitted.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Mini-Challenge Host Sign Ups for April 10 Readathon”

  1. Oh I am so sorry I missed this! I would have loved to have hosted a challenge. I just found out about this today. I did sign up for the read a thon:)

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