It’s Almost Here! Some Quick Housekeeping Fun…

We’re gearing up for the Read-A-Thon! I can’t believe it’s only twelve hours away!!

Some things you should know:

1) If you have any questions at any point during the Read-A-Thon, you can contact deweyreadathon at gmail and ask your cohost on duty. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find out for you. There is always a cohost on duty, and we’ll be around on Twitter, Facebook, and visiting your blogs to check up on you to see how you’re doing. We are here for you and here to help you succeed in hitting that Hour 24 mark, so just ask away, okay?

2) If you are reading and posting updates via Facebook, we encourage you to post them to the Dewey’s Read-A-Thon page in the Discussion section. That way, your cheerleaders can find you and we can all see your progress. Additionally, if you don’t feel like posting everything to your blog, feel free to try out the Facebook discussion posts. It’s our first time utilizing Facebook for readers during the ‘thon, so keep in mind it’s new to all of us, and we’re testing the waters there, kay?

3) Twitter. We’ve seen cheerleaders locked out of Twitter for cheertweeting so heavily during the #readathon. Make sure your posts are all tagged #readathon, whether your updating us, cheering, or just chatting about the ‘thon. We did make the trending topics a few times in the past, and that’s a great thing for reading, books, and this hobby we all love, right? Also, you can follow us, @readathon.

4) If you haven’t already, you should totally lay out some snackage, some drinks (maybe an energy one?), and pick out some music that’ll get your blood flowing if you start to nod off. It’s always good to have a food and beverage plan so that your reading time isn’t ‘bitten’ into by trying to decide what to eat.

5) We post every hour on the hour right here on this blog, where we also announce random prize winners, mini-challenge winners, new mini-challenges, and we try to keep you at least a little entertained. So, stop by as often or not often as you’d like. But keep your eyes peeled to see if you’ve won a prize, because the cohosts don’t have your email to contact you. If you do win, email Vasilly, one of our lovely Prize Committee members at 1330vblog at gmail and let her know which prize from the fabulous prize list you’d like. They’re first come, first serve, and we try to get them crossed off as soon as we can, so that the list is as up-to-date as possible.

6) We have participants from all around the world. Last Read-A-Thon, I had the honor of collecting the prizes and mailing them to everyone out-of-country. We can’t do that unless we get donations from Prize Angels. If you are able to donate a little bit of money for the distribution of prizes, please consider doing so. We used all of the money we were donated last Read-A-Thon, plus, so even if it’s only a dollar, yours plus some others’ will help us get prizes where they need to go. If you want to donate, log-in to your paypal account, click the send money tab, the personal tab, then enter shes10 at gmail (it belongs to me) as the email addy and mark it as a gift. Our Prize Angels are amazing.

7) Lastly. (Well, I’m sure it’s not lastly, but it’s last-right-now-ly) Something to keep in mind when you are picking out a prize is that a lot of these are donated by publishers and bloggers. We couldn’t have the fabulous prize list we have without awesome donations from these folks. Keep in mind that we want you to receive your prizes, but sometimes they take a little while to get to your door. If you feel like it’s been too long of a while, go ahead and contact us and we will follow up for you.

Thanks for reading my litany of housekeeping for the Read-A-Thon, and I’m super stoked to read with you guys tomorrow! Ready? Set.

9 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here! Some Quick Housekeeping Fun…”

  1. 🙂

    Looking forward to it. Haven’t really figured out much with food stuff, but there’s always toast and jam. 🙂

  2. For those of you on Twitter, you may be interested in this list I made of all Twittering participants of the Readathon:

    Just thought it’d be handy to have one list to view during the event! I made every effort to include everyone who signed up on Mr. Linky, but let me know if I missed someone, and I’ll try to add them.

    Happy Readathoning!

  3. Oooooh! I’m so looking forward to starting up! Re: snacks, I’m perfectly capable of inhaling junk (I reach beyond gluttony when it comes to a bag of gummy bears or similar), so I bought lots of fruit, and a variety of (rather expensive) nuts that I wouldn’t normally splurge on.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. The only healthy snacks I’ve got are some bananas. 🙂
    But I can’t wait to start!

    Three hours to go! Good luck people! And happy Readathoning! 😀

  5. I stumbled upon this 24 hour readathon whilst blog-browsing. How often do you ‘do’ them? I am so interested in joining next time round – I’d jump on bpard now if I’d not just come home from dinner with the girls (=lots of wine, so I’d be drifting) and not got my son’s footy game at 8:30am in the morning! Good luck to all you 24 hours people though 🙂 Happy reading!

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