October 2011, readathon

HOUR SIX! You are still there, right?

Get through this hour, my friends and that will be a QUARTER DOWN!  (It will, right?  My maths is not that bad.) Thank you for saying nice thinks about the Nugget. She does indeed have quite the mohawk. Who knows where that comes from.

So, what’s going on?  Are you reading in the silence so you don’t get distracted, or are you all about the choooooons?  I have been listening to Amy Winehouse’s first album, Frank.  Also, Florence and the Machine.   Love that pagan wailing.  Do you have a favourite book/album combination?

This hour’s random picture is of Bruce Springsteen.  Because tramps like us, baby, we were born to read.

I haz more winners for you!

Anna is the winner of Alyce’s mini challenge on character pictures.

And some prizes for our fantastic cheerleaders! Thank you Erin and Trish for picking these. If you haven’t seen Trish’s cheerleading video yet, you really should.

CHRIS (nerf reader)
AMY (home of Aimila)
JULIE (knitting and sundries)
MAUIE (the travelling reader)

Visit the prize page, my friends, and you shall be richly rewarded.  Please send your postal address to deweyreadathon at gmail dot com.

AND! I haz a new challenge. Go see Lisa and assemble sentences from book titles.  Probably best for those of you who are not befuddled from lack of sleep.  This one is US only.

You can also still be book puzzling with Melissa, picking states with other Melissa, and sharing books with Tami and Dave.  Competition piles upon competition, you guys.  I need a lie down to cope with the pace.

23 thoughts on “HOUR SIX! You are still there, right?”

  1. I like to listen to Debussy’s piano music and Chopin nocturnes when I’m reading. Oh, and the occasional Beethoven symphony I can’t listen to anything with lyrics because it’s too distracting.

  2. Listening to System of a Down reminds me of reading all summer before 6th grade started because we had just moved here… so instead of hanging out with friends I spent two months blasting SOAD and reading incessantly. I regret nothing. =P

  3. Thanks for all the hosting stuff, Lyndsey! I do want to note that it looks like Lisa’s mini-challenge is a top five book list for the next few months rather than a book-title-sentence challenge, though.

  4. I like to read in silence or listen to audio books which I’m doing right now. I’m listening to An unfinished Season by Ward Just. Thanks to everyone hosting and helping!

  5. Silence would be nice but unfortunately I am reading to the sounds of gunfire (don’t worry, it’s just my adult children playing a video game set in the future). I am about to head outside in the backyard and read out there. It is a cool but sunny day! I think the sounds of birds chirping will be much nicer to listen to.

  6. Haha… I’m listening to Enya right now, but that’s purely coincidental actually (it’s on shuffle).
    I’m reading about China right now so I guess that would be some Asian lounge or groove as a good combination 😉

  7. A quarter done already? Whoa! I prefer quiet when I’m reading, or lots of background noise. If I can hear one distinct thing, I get distracted. So, no music for me!

  8. I have music on but I think it’s distracting me a bit. Will be silence from about 11pm as don’t want to disturb the downstairs neighbours kids!

  9. I’m still hanging in here. I have moved from the bed to my comfortable chair while checking in with my daughter Alexis (reflectionsofabookaholic). WOW, she keeping me pumped. Choo choo….we can do it….I think I can….Choo choo…

  10. I love listening to Explosions in the Sky while reading. So emotional but without distracting lyrics so I can concentrate on what I’m reading. I have yet to find a book where they don’t work as the perfect soundtrack. 😀

  11. Oh yeah. We are still rocking & cheering it. Anytime anybody needs a massage, a free laundry, lunch, breakfast, dinner or just a good old cheer, just send me a tweet: @travelingreadr. 😀

    And I’m listening to the humming of our refrigerator. It’s super quite in the neighborhood coz it’s already 1:45am here in Cebu (Philippines) and the rest of the fam have already been asleep hours ago. Hope you guys are having fun, too! 😉

    Salamat for the award. Didn’t expect it though but super thanks. 😉

  12. Silence for me. I love music, but it distracts me when I’m trying to do serious reading! Currently contemplating my local takeaway’s menu for some dinner, as it’s nearly 7pm here. Can’t possibly cook tonight! 🙂

  13. You are a thoughtful neighbour. I bet those kids have disturbed you often enough – surely it’s time for you to get revenge!

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