October 2011, readathon

HOUR SEVEN! And this is the last you’ll have to put up with me. Promise.



VIRTUAL CHAMPAGNE FOR YOU ALL, MY FRIENDS! I would make it real, but there are like, four hundred and something of you, and that’s barely a bubble each.

So I’ll just keep it for myself, if that’s ok. This has been enjoyable but also frenzied. *wipes sweat from brow*

So! What do I have for you this hour?


CERI from a book between

EMILY from books and threads

LEXI from the amazing adulthood of Alexis

RAYCH from books i done read

And SUEY from Suey’s books is the lucky winner of Melissa’s state settings challenge.

Choose your prizes, my lucky ones, and then send your address to deweyreadathon at gmail dot com.

Second, NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN, of course!

Vicki is asking you to be literary detectives and match authors to their pseudonyms.   (I can’t tell you how many times I typed that before I spelt it right).

We also still have MORE PRIZES on offer by reading together with Tami and Dave and top 5 with Lisa.

AND NOW!  I leave you in the capable hands of Nat from reading romances.  Then I am going to totally cheatathon by putting baby to bed, watching X factor, going to sleep and joining you all again for the home straight.

It’s been a blast, you guys.  Come play with me again at my house won’t you?









19 thoughts on “HOUR SEVEN! And this is the last you’ll have to put up with me. Promise.”

  1. Well I wanted to check out the mini challenge but can’t find it. The page that comes up says this blog doesn’t exist. Then directs you to a homepage and I also then cannot find the challenge. Is anyone else having this problem?

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