October 2011, readathon

Hour Five: Welcome to London!


Too much?

Sorry. Let’s try again.

Hello! I’m Lyndsey, of<a href=”http://www.teadevotee.com”> www.teadevotee.com</a>  and @teadevotee cohosting y’all from sunny, beautiful, autumnal north London. It’s 5pm here, perfect reading time and all going well.

Here I am.

I don’t look this today though. Yes I am wearing my pyjamas. Who isn’t? I wish I had that icecream though.

This is my first time cohosting, so please be nice, you guys.  Tell me if I’m doing anything particularly moronic.  And if I flake out for a minute, bear with me. Also I have a fifteen week old daughter in the next room and though she is being looked after perfectly well by her Dad, she may need me for a bit. Please forgive her, because she looks like this:

OK! The semi-serious stuff!

Mini Challenge Alert! This hour’s challenge is brought to you by Tami and Dave and is all about sharing the joy of books.  Which is also what the readathon, and indeed book blogging is all about, so.  Perfect.  Head on over to find out more.

Also, if you are in the US, you can still be a book-puzzling over with Melissa, or picking books that evoke particular states with other Melissa.  (Heh.  That’s confusing.  Good job I’m hosting early).  Character pictures with Alyce is done now, and I’ll post winners next hour.

And! I have spun the wheel of random joy to find this hour’s winners:

FLORA (a work in progress) DAISY  (between the pages) and PAULINA AND KATE (two canadian readers).   Four for the price of three!  Splendid.

UPDATE! Thanks guys for telling me the link wasn’t working.  See, I told you I was a moron.  It is sorted now.


30 thoughts on “Hour Five: Welcome to London!”

  1. What an adorable little girl. That picture made getting up early worth it. 🙂 Awww – I would love to have a sleeping baby to hold and rock while read. *waiting for more grandkids*

  2. What a cute baby!!!
    I am happy to see you here, and I’m still plodding along, reading. I keep getting sleepy….eek!
    Lovely day!

  3. Kate and I are so excited about winning a prize! We’re having a great time doing the read-a-thon today.

    That picture of your little one is very cute!

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