October 2011, readathon

Hour 9: You Will Survive!

Welcome to Hour 9! Yes, you can survive the read -a- thon!

Come on, I bet you know how to sing a long!

SING A LONG FOR THE READ A THON! *Get up and dance*

GOOOOOOOO, Read a thoners! You’re doing great so far!

Mini-Challenge: Book Sentences

Still Ongoing: Character Pictures, A Music Bath

Winners: 3 Cheerleaders have been selected to win a prize! To redeem your prize, email us at deweyreadathon-gmail and let us know which prize from the Prize List you’d like to redeem.


Nan of Nan’s Reading Corner

Emily of Seriously Reading

Care of Care’s Book club

Challenge Winners:

Book Puzzle : Rachel at A Home Between Pages

Share a book : http://mochagirlsread.wordpress.com/ The blogger needs your email to contact you about the prize!

I have a surprise for you at the next post…mwahaha

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