October 2012, readathon

Hour 9

You’ve made it 33% of the way!  YAY YOU!  That’s totally exciting.  One third of this bad boy is down and behind you!

Inability to start a new book because...

What are some of the problems you guys are having?  I mean, one of my biggest challenges is the aforementioned Book Hangover.  What’s the best solution or advice you could give to someone who is suffering from this or a similar affliction?  What do you need help with?  Make sure to take a break to eat and get up and get your blood pumping.  <—-that may or may not be a shameless plug for my Day Break Mini-Challenge at IHM.  *cough* Okay, it is.  I admit it.  I swear I was not sending you all to my Pinterest Board on purpose.  No secret conspiracy to amass more Pinterest followers or something LAME like that!  *apologies apologies apologies*


Book Puzzle

Winners Announced

Beth (Bookaholic Mom)

Noumena 12

Jane Harfeld @ Jane’s Book Blog


Nancy from Nancy’s Blue Bonnet Highway

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Still Ongoing

Day Break

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13 thoughts on “Hour 9”

  1. I’m glad you shared your Pinterest page – by accident or otherwise. When readathon is over, I’m going to explore it more – and likely get lost for awhile 😀

  2. Ooh, did have a question.. how are the hourly winners picked? Random draw from all participants? Or part of mini-challenge participation?

    And same as Martina.. loved that we’ve stumbled onto your Pinterest page 🙂

  3. The winners are chosen randomly from all participants via the sign-up post posted pre-readathon. We just need some indication on the link you provided that you are participating and you are eligible. Cheerleaders are chosen randomly based on participation by the cheer captain. And every once in a while, we pick random fun little ways to award people too. Does that help?

    And thanks for making me feel better, guys!

  4. I’m having terrible attention span issues today. I’ve managed to chug through a couple books, and broke things up with a graphic novel, but man I’m all kinds of “oooh, shiney!” today and having trouble staying on task!

  5. The best way to get over a book hangover, for me, is to dive into another book with a completely different premise than the one before. Of course, this usually leads to another book hangover, so it’s kind of a never ending cycle. But an awesome never ending cycle 🙂

  6. I’ve got the flu so it’s hard keeping focus on the book I’m reading when all I want to do is curl up in my blanket and sleep. I feel like doing absolutely nothing but since school and work take up most of my time I really want to use my weekends to read so I’m taking a lot of breaks while reading.

    As for a book hangover I usually jump into a really intense action packed book, those usually distract me from finishing a book I loved. If doesn’t I tend to fall into a reading slump which sucks. 🙁

  7. Book-hangover solution? I dunno, maybe re-reading part of (or all of) a longtime favourite book? Just to get over how amazing the new find was..and then try something else new and different?

    My biggest challenge right now is convincing myself to keep trying other books. My tendency is to want to stick with one until I finish it and then move on (in RATing, not normally), but I know it slows me down, so I’m trying to make it varied for now, thinking I’ll tidy up the stack as the night goes on…but it’s hard to break the habit.

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