October 2010

Hour 9

How’s everyone holding up? This hour we have a special treat from our Cheer-leading section with a cheering challenge! So, as a reminder, if you could all remember to do them a favor back and turn off those pesky comment verifications until the Read-A-Thon is over they will love you forever! I mean it!


Get ready to Shake Those Pom Poms with our Head Cheerleader, Jill from Fizzy Thoughts! Come up with a cheer for your fellow readathoners and the winner will receive a book of their choice up to $20 at Book Depository. This is open to anyone, cheerleaders and readers alike! So, show your spirit and come up with a cheer!

Winners announced

The winner from the Show Me the Books challenge was Morph at Less Is Morph. Congratulations! Crystal will be in touch with you shortly about your winnings.

Amazing Commenters from Hour Six:
Suey from It’s All About Books…
Candy Beauchamp from Candy’s Raves (and Rants)

Winner at Random:
La Bella Vita from La Bella Vita

Congratulations! Email deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim your one book.

Still ongoing

Microfiction Mini-Challenge

Love to Hate

Book Puzzle

Arm Chair Traveling

16 thoughts on “Hour 9”

  1. I am doing well here, almost done with my 3rd book for the day… It is getting late here in Finland, I will probably stay up for a couple more hours and then sleep and continue for couple of hours during the morning… I started at noon Finnish time and I been reading for about 10 hours right now…

  2. Still goin’ strong here! I’ve been reading for about 7 hours, and I’m halfway through my 2nd book. Hoping to read at least that one plus 2 or 3 more before the day’s over. πŸ™‚

    The cheerleaders are great! If it hadn’t been for them last year about this time, I would’ve quit early!

  3. I feel rather pathetic because even though I wanted to do the whole 24 hours, I ended up crashing and sleeping because I couldn’t sleep last night for various reasons. Yes, I know that I shouldn’t ruin my health over this and that it’s quite impractical to keep reading when your eyes are having focusing troubles, but I just feel disappointed in myself because I should’ve slept. Instead I just cross-stitched a lot.

    Going to grab something to eat now and continue onto the last third of my current book.

  4. Because my word verification is embedded and doesn’t cause the page to reload, I was going to keep it on, but the many reminders to turn it off completely that I saw while visiting everyone made me turn it off during the first hour. Hopefully, I’ll remember to turn it back on again afterward!

    Finally finished Mockingjay; now on to Bloody Crimes.

    Congratulations to Morph, Suey, Candy and La Bella Vita!

  5. Just finished book number #2. Ended up not going to the author discussion in town because I got so wrapped up in the book.

    Time to flip laundry and start book number #3.

  6. I was starting to crash, but I took a little walk and had some more pie. Now I am all refreshed and ready to read the rest of my graphic novel pile.

    (Behold the restorative powers of pie?)

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