Hour 8 – The Biggest Readathon EVER!

Hey folks! It’s Andi from Estella’s Revenge back for another hour. We’re 8 hours into this shindig. Are you getting stiff? Need to get up and move?

I’ve been working on a lot of the administrative tasks of the Read-a-Thon through the morning, but I’m doing this little dance because IT’S READ-A-THON day, and let’s face it…it’s the best day. It’s also the BIGGEST Read-a-Thon we’ve ever had at over 800 readers! Now will you do the celebration dance with me?



We’ve been trending internationally on Twitter, so if you want to feel the vastness of the community and the conversation, I recommend trying out, TagBoard, or another site (Hootsuite! TweetDeck!) that will allow you to pull all of the hashtags together. OR you can simply search #readathon in the search area of Twitter! I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the number of people participating and chatting AND you’ll make some new friends!


Mini Challenges

Bookish Brews, a Coffee Challenge

Six Word Celebration

Best of Your Reading Year


Door Prize Winners Announced –

Fill out the form HERE to claim your prize.

Charleen @ Cheap Thrills

Dolce Bellezza

Kristen @ We Be Reading

Rachael Turns Pages

Little Miss Drama Queen

Cheerleader Winner

Samantha Nicola 

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22 thoughts on “Hour 8 – The Biggest Readathon EVER!”

  1. It is time for me to do some stretching. I laid down to read for this hour, but time to get up for a bit!

    800 readers?! Wow, that is amazing! 😀

  2. Isn’t it? We are totally gobsmacked! I’ve been sitting far too long. Will be doing some stretching and moving after this hour!

  3. If there’s anything I can help with, let me know, Jencey! Most of our direct links to sign up pages and social media and such are on the left. Pages like Prizes, History, FAQ that don’t change as much are up top!

  4. Well I’m finally done with my first book. I’m so happy, and having so much fun. Trying to stay focused as much as I can but it gets hard when my kitty wants me to play with him hehe. Taking a small break and then starting a new book. I’m really loving this <3

  5. Enjoy your break! Grab a snack, move around, and you’ll be ready to conquer book 2! Keep up the awesome reading!

  6. It’s amazing how international the event is, yet with the blog posts and Twitter it feels as if everyone is close and very connected! Keep up the great work, everyone!

  7. I usually never look at who won the prizes. Glad I did this hour. Still going strong at this point. I think I have a few more hours before I hit the wall. I’m going to go sit and do laundry soon. That is usually about 100 pages of reading.

  8. Wow, 800 readers?! That’s incredible — nice work, everyone! It’s been such a delightful day for me so far — finished a nearly 500 page book, had snacks, chores done for me by my wife, a tiny little nap, and now an early supper. (My previous book was so good I can’t quite just dive into another yet!)

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