Hour 8: Snack Time!

Welcome to Hour 8! Are you still there? I hope so!


I’m Nat of the Reading Romances blog and you can also find me @ReadingRomances


I’ll be your DJ host till hour 11, wohoo! This is my first time cohosting so please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, k? =P So how are you doing? Are you tired yet? If you are, get up and drink some coffe and get a delicious snack! Yummy!

And don’t forget the sugar!

Mini-Challenge: A Music Bath

Still Ongoing:  Character Pictures

Winners: To redeem your prize, email us at deweyreadathon-gmail and let us know which prize from the Prize List you’d like to redeem. The lucky ones are:

Kristilyn (Reading in Winter)

Alejandra Macas


Kelly @ Destination Well- Read


Speaking of winners, we need some Prize Angels to help get these prizes mailed out to our winners! If you could donate even a dollar or two, it’d help us get all of the books sent internationally. So, please help if you can! (We’re scheduled to give away all 112 prizes, so the shipping bill can be pretty large) To do so, follow these steps:

1. Log-In to PayPal.
2. Click the Send Money Tab
3. Enter into the To Field.
4. Click the Personal Tab.
5. Select Gift.
6. Fill in the amount you’re giving.
7. Click Continue and follow the directions.

I’ll be on twitter, don’t forget to use #readathon for your updates and reply to @readathon if you have any questions! I’ll reply to as many comments here as I can as well!

28 thoughts on “Hour 8: Snack Time!”

  1. Ooooooh! I love the box of candy 😀
    So colorful!

    I’m doing fine and enjoying it heaps!! Not tired at all yet!
    On the contrary: still excited!!

  2. Japanese candy – nom, nom, nom! I can’t remember the name of the candy in the center but do remember that they are single grains of salt tumbled in flavored sugar. Bought some expensive, couture candy of that kind when I went vacationing in Japan. They were someshow coated with real coconut. Didn’t expect those memories to pop up during Read-a-thon!

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