April 2016

Hour 8 – The Readathon Learnathon

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Happy Hour 8, Readers! It’s Shannon from River City Reading here to usher you through the next few hours of reading. You’re getting there! Did you know there’s an extra bonus to all these books? A ton of learning! It’s probably not something we think of all that often during the Readathon, but there’s so much knowledge flying around. What have you learned so far today thanks to the books you picked up during the Readathon?

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9 thoughts on “Hour 8 – The Readathon Learnathon”

  1. “Melissa”, which you may or may not be aware is a Greek-origin name meaning “bee”, was also (and, for all I know, is today) a title of priestesses of Demeter.

    I learned this twice today, actually. Different books. One of them isn’t even on ancient or reconstructed Greek religion.

  2. I’ve learned what would happen if a bullet with the density of a neutron star were fired from a handgun at the Earth’s surface. (That’s probably the strangest sentence I’ve ever written lol) And in case you wanted to know, the bullet itself would be super dangerous, but hitting it at the earth’s surface wouldn’t do much damage. That’s something I never thought I’d find out, but I’m happy that I know it.

  3. I was reading a graphic novel (Lafcadio Hearn’s “The Faceless Ghost and Other Macabre Tales from Japan” by Sean Wilson & Michiru Morikawa) & apparently it was a Japanese belief that “if any person be killed while feeling strong resentment, the ghost of that person will be able to take vengeance upon the killer.”

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