October 2017

Hour 8 – Readathon Buddies!

Woo hoo! Everyone’s doing so well! Keep it up! This is my last hour for co-hosting and I hope I’ve been doing an okay job. After this I’ll be passing it off to Cass.

One aspect of Read-A-Thon that I love is when people post pictures of their Read-A-Thon Buddies. They’re usually pets who are there to give you an excuse not to get up and stop reading. I don’t have any pets myself, but I’ve been tempted to “borrow” our neighbor’s’ puppy just for the day. I’ve also heard stories of Read-A-Thoners who stayed up and had their pets give them weird looks like “You’re supposed to be asleep. This is supposed to be MY time.” Do you have any stories or funny moments from your pets? Let me know!

Of course, they can also provide yet another distraction. There can be so many distractions when you’re trying to read. Fortunately, you’ve got hundreds of people to help you out over at #readathon! This community is so amazingly fun and supportive. I’m of the shyest people in the world, but I happily participate with Read-A-Thoners. Y’all are awesome! And if you find yourself getting tired and need some encouragement to keep going, get on Twitter and ask for help. Plenty of advice and encouragement to be found!

May your day be filled with fun moments, in real life and in your books!


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5 thoughts on “Hour 8 – Readathon Buddies!”

  1. I’ve got three cats and a dog who I am convinced have decided to take shifts keeping me company. They keep rotating out.

  2. I’m a crazy cat lady who is actively involved in cat rescue so as you can imagine, I have quite a few feline companions in my home at any given time, be they only my own cats, or including some fosters. Currently I have 12 (yes, you read that right… TWELVE! cats in my home. Six are mine and six are fosters. Three of those fosters were supposed to only be for a couple weeks, but that was 4 months ago. LOL My kids are Sheba (F-14 yrs old), Aker (M-14), Amun (M-12), Cleo (F-4), Pakhet (F-3), Timothy (M-2). My fosters are Snickers (F-3 or 4 – I forget which), Frost (deaf M-4), Jett (deaf M-1), Petey (M-2), Babe (M-1.5), Kirby (M-~6 – we think that’s his age anyhow).

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