Hour 8


Readerbuzz in Spring

¡Hola, mis amigos de libros! (Hello, my book friends!)

Me llamo Deb Nance at Readerbuzz. (My name is Deb Nance at Readerbuzz.)

¡Me alegro de conocerte! (I am happy to meet you!)


You are starting your eighth hour of reading!  Good job, you!

ernie reading

Let’s hope that no one like Ernie here is interrupting your reading!


For your viewing pleasure (if you need a little break),

the most chilling Twilight Zone ever:

Twilight Zone’s Time Enough at Last


Keep going! You can do it! Here’s a fun fact for you to share:

It Adds Up!


See you on down the road!


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Cheerleader Winner

Joy Weese Moll

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24 thoughts on “Hour 8”

  1. I imagine there are lots of little Ernies out there for all the folks who have young ‘uns at home.

  2. Now that Twilight Zone is the kind of thing that gives me nightmares. Evil creatures I can handle but not reading – that’s horrifying!

  3. Agree, Lesie. I have nightmares every time I watch that episode. And I find myself groping for my glasses in the dark.

  4. Twilight Zone has always creeped me out! Thanks for sharing the link–and by the way I have 3 pairs of glasses laying all around the house today! 😉
    Thanks for hosting too….

  5. Audra, as a Readathon vet, I recommend a little break (walk? yoga? snack?) followed by a very very very short book. It always gives me a lift to say I finished a book. Even if it’s a children’s book.

  6. Audra- I agree with Deb. Every readathon I try to through in something light that is really what you might consider a children’s book….this year I chose “The Wizard of Oz” for that purpose. Books from my own childhood that I have not revisited in a long time often provide that excitement I need too. You can find free versions of lots of children’s classics online if you need one this go round and don’t want to leave the house! Good Luck!

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