October 2012, readathon

Hour 8!

Hour 8!  You’re doing great!  Oh, wait.  That all rhymed.  *face palm*  Hey guys!  It’s me, Shesten from I Heart Monster, taking over for Tami here for just a few hours here in the early-ish part of the ‘thon.  How are we all doing?  Have you hit your first wall yet?  Have you broken out those emergency m&ms or energy drinks yet?

Just remember:  those dirty dishes in the sink?  The vacuuming?  The dust you just noticed on your blinds?  THEY CAN WAIT!  There is READING to be done! *wink*  One of my biggest temptations is to throw in an audiobook and clean the house, but then I know I’m going to get interrupted or my mind will wander, so don’t succumb!  Keep on task!  BE THE AWESOME YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE READ-A-THON! (yes that was yelling, but more like a cheer-yell, not a mean one, mmkay?)

Also, a note, you’ve seen pleas in the past for Prize Angels.  If you couldn’t donate time or prizes, maybe you can donate a buck or five to help get prizes to those who won them?  If you can, drop an email to deweyreadathon at gmail by the end of the ‘thon and let us know so that we can send you a link after we’re all done to donate.  Every little bit helps!  *steps off of soapboxish contraption she made just now ’cause it’s feeling a little rickety*


There is Work To be DOne But I'd Rather Read



Day Break


Winners Announced

Tea Juretich

Melissa at Avid Reader’s Musings


Ashley Amanda at Fictionista

You’ve all won a prize!  Just email deweyreadathon at gmail with your pick off of the prize list to claim!

Still Ongoing

Read-A-Thon Acrostic

Book Blogger Bingo


13 thoughts on “Hour 8!”

  1. Hah! I tend to do the same thing, but just rinsed and stacked the dishes instead of falling into the must-wash-them-before-they-cover-the-counter trap, cuz you’re right, they’ll wait until tomorrow. Hope everyone’s having fun!

  2. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who felt an immediate need for cleaning the whole house while reading =)) But I just did the dishes and continued reading..

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