Hour 8

Hour 8 people!!!

It amazes me that we have almost read the equivalent of a whole work day! Sam, my 14 year old reading buddy and son, is hitting me up for more snacks. Hope you are finding that you stocked up with enough healthy and sinfully yummy stuff to get you through!

We have some fun for you this hour….

Mini Challenge:
Kate @ Midnight Book Girl is hosting this hour’s mini challenge. She is looking for you, dear readers, to become for a few moments, a writer and create a Drabble. Yup! I didn’t know what that was either until I read all about the challenge on her blog. So—take that break which you know you need and visit her blog and her challenge to you!

Surprise Drawing:
We have chosen 5 readers of the hour. Go visit them and leave a comment. We will draw one winning comment (randomly) from each spotlighted blog to win a prize.
1. Danielle
2. Fyrefly
3. Marieke (Athyrium filix- femina – The Lady Fern)
4. Jo (Books to the Rescue)
5. christina (Reading Thru The Night)

Still Ongoing:
Kate‘s Book, Score, Soundtrack Challenge
Nicole‘s Feed Me Seymour Challenge
Andye’s It’s Your Story…So Write It!
Mama Librarian’s Lights, Camera, Read.
Rebecca’s The #pantyworthy read-a-thon challenge.

Okay now.
Carry on…you know you want to!

8 thoughts on “Hour 8”

  1. I just came inside. It is very sunny out. If you read my blog please leave a comment even if it is just a “hi” or something random like “pickles” I like seeing how many people read my blog. I also enjoy reading the comments.

  2. Wow its amazing to see people that are still reading at 2am! It’s only 4pm here! Keep reading everyone!!! You’re doing great!

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