Hour 8 – 1/3 of The Way There! ROCKSTARS!!!!!

This is still Sheila from Book Journey here for my final hour with you and it has been a BLAST!  I have been so honored to be one of the 6 great hosts you sill see here today. 

 I will leave you with a little fun book video because really isn’t this what it’s all about?  THE BOOKS!


 I hope you are having fun reading paper books, hard covers, using an e reader, your laptop, and audio books… I am just so excited that you are part of this read a thon movement. 


New Mini Challenges:

Book Sentence Challenge


Book Sentence Challenge

mmmm hmmmmm….. a due challenge 😀


Ongoing Mini Challenges:

Best and Worst Cover

Book Puzzle



Random Winners Announced E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Donna Jo at A Kansas Reader

April at Good Books and Wine


Cheerleader Winner:



Thanks for hanging out with me!  See you on the blogs 😀

8 thoughts on “Hour 8 – 1/3 of The Way There! ROCKSTARS!!!!!”

  1. Videos like that make me feel weird. I get that they’re working at a bookstore, and therefore see ebooks as a threat to their business, but the implication that ebooks are somehow less than “real” books makes me grumpy.


  2. Lianne, now I will have to watch it again… I didnt catch that they were anti- e books 😉 I just thought it was promoting reading.

    Update (4 minutes later): Oh….LOl, duh.. There it is. I just watched the video again… kind of like thinking you know the words to a song when you dont…. my error….

    I don’t care what people use to read their books – I just love that they are reading 😀

  3. Loved the video! I don’t think they were anti ebook so to speak, just that they couldn’t see what you were reading from a far. Kind of joking about it. At least that’s what I saw.

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