October 2017

Hour 7 – May Your Music Never Be Distracting

Yay! Another hour down! How are y’all doing? Have you been having fun?


One of the most vital aspects of my Read-A-Thon regimen is to set up the right music playlist. I love having background music, but I gotta be careful to not get something that’ll distract me from my reading. I generally fall back on videogame and movie soundtracks. What I love about these as background music is that they’re written for action filled stories, which are the majority of what I read. It isn’t often that the music doesn’t match the mood of the book. Plus, there are almost no lyrics to distract me. I actually had this playlist figured out before I knew what I was going to read! That’s how helpful the right music can be.

Of course, I did (eventually) get some ideas for what to read. I’ve learned from previous Read-A-Thons that I am a slooooooow reader. More importantly, I’ve learned that that’s okay! The Read-A-Thon isn’t about who reads the most or the fastest. It’s about having fun reading and talking to other bookish people about bookish things. And, sometimes, winning prizes. Speaking of, don’t forget to double check the list of winners to see if you’ve won. You can also see which mini-challenges are currently still running. Good luck!

May your characters be relatable and your music never distracting!


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7 thoughts on “Hour 7 – May Your Music Never Be Distracting”

  1. I wish I could read with background music or noise of any kind. I really need as much quiet as possible, which has been difficult today because my neighbors are being SO LOUD! I’ll probably end up yelling at them before too long. I’m trying to read, ya jerks!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I’m a slow reader too (I get distracted way too easily.) married to a speed reader. But I’m loving my book and enjoying my day so that’s what’s important.

  3. Got the ipod on the BOSE wave radio playing oldies in the background. Apparently Apple has locked me out of my account so I can’t change the songs on it from years ago to add new ones!

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