Hour 7 – How Ya All Doing?

It’s me!  Sheila from Book Journey , still here with all of you awesome people! How ya all doing?  Still reading?  Enjoying some breaks?  Some good snacks?  I hope so.  😀


SO quick!  What’s your favorite book or book series of all time?


Harry Potter!


Oh… oops… I meant to wait for you to answer.  😳   That”s so awkward.


Well here are a few fun movie facts from the series that kept me reading like I was in a read a thon.  😀  (Book 7…. read it straight through in about 9 hours)



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22 thoughts on “Hour 7 – How Ya All Doing?”

  1. Ok I just have to say that I love the facts in the video but the spelling errors made me cringe….. Ugh. I found this on line.

  2. I am glad you liked that audio! I have yet to read the Gone series but I have a friend who says the same thing… I think I need to read those 🙂

  3. HP 😉 ok seriously, I can’t picj fav series, but as for stand alone book – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 🙂

    As for how I’m doing, Twitter is distracting me, I think I need to stay away from it & actually do some reading 😉

  4. I love the HP series so much. I’m re-reading it this summer before taking a trip to HP World! I can’t wait. Love the trivia from the movies!

  5. It’s a toss up between HP and the hunger games… and the Delirium trology… how can I ever choose? 😉

  6. Yippee. thanks so much, glad I checked in from cheering while kiddo is napping to see I won a prize. Favorite book is tough…Book Thief, Sarah’s Key and Midwife’s Confession are my top 3. As for top series, I’ve only read Divergent/Insurgent series so will go with that. Harry Potter is on my list of series to accomplish though, we have all the books already, just need to read em!

  7. Wow, that’s hard! Maybe Alexander McCall Smith’s Scotland Street series? Love those. Keep up the good reading, everyone!

  8. My favorite series is the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh. I just love the sci-fi world she created, especially the changeling cultures.

  9. Courtney….. I am ashamed to say I have yet to finish Jane Eyre…. but – it is on my tbr for today 🙂

  10. I’m alright! Finally getting into it, it’s hard to start in the afternoon, already tired by then!

    Favorite series, very standard, but HP-fan here too! Soooo much details and myth and research and lurv!

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