Hour 7

The magic number 7

It’s Hour 7 – come on people you know you can hold out much longer! Well done for getting this far and you are going to do amazingly chugging away til the end!


Book Origami hosted by Hannah at Word Lily

Winners Announced

Sorry for the delay in listing winners but some are below:

Introduction Meme winners – there are two – one from Facebook and another from the Linky List:

Facebook Winner – Lenora Hames Lundquist

Linky Winner – # 60 – Rachel Cabbit


Still Ongoing

Also to remind you that there are some challenges that are coming to an end shortly so go ahead and squeeze in your chances:

– Oldies but Goodies over at A Literary Odyssey run by Allie – the winners for the is mini challenge will be announced in hour 8. Good Luck!

Yet another hour down and you are all still going 😀 Well done!

Well that is all from me at this hour and ill be back soon!

Good luck and HAPPY READING!

Faye (aka Young1)

P.S. Guys, sorry i have been so late with finding winners – i guess the day is just going by as a daze!

26 thoughts on “Hour 7”

  1. i’m definitely chugging along! the early morning rise is starting to get to me but nothing I can’t handle! Keep up the reading everyone! Have fun! 🙂

  2. This is so unfair, I am tired because we had a storm that woke me up at 3am now its hard to keep my eyes open while I am UGH

    Keep on reading!!

  3. Ripping up a book…*cringe*…I can’t do it! But I’m looking forward to everyone else’s creations. I hope everyone’s having fun!

  4. I’m 40% through my first book and quickly fading. I think I’ll take a brief break to get some rest. I can’t wait to finish A Little Princess because so far it’s really good! Working hard to make some progress here. Will be ready for my first snack soon 🙂

  5. Too many distractions this morning–but now I am ready to go cur up with a blanket. It is chilly here today. Doing great, Faye! Happy reading to all..

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