Hour 7

We are baaaccckkkkk!
Is it not amazing how fast an hour flies by when you are reading?   I hope you are having a blast today–we sure are! Sam is ripping through the new Fablehaven book and we are still in our jammies!
Here it is, hour 7 already and we have made it one quarter of the way through!

Mini Challenge:
Need a break? Then check out this mini-challenge being hosted by Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog. It being called the #pantyworthy read-a-thon challenge. You NEED to head to her blog to read the full description of this challenge. It is a hoot-involving cyber panties and favorite authors!!

Surprise Drawing:
We have randomly drawn 2 cheerleaders and 2 readers for this hour.
The winners each get 2 books of their choice from the prize page.

1. Kihana at Cultural Oddity
2. Boof at The Book Whisperer

1. Jess @ Park Benches and Bookends
2. Reeder Reads
Winners, Please email us at DeweyReadathon at gmail to claim your prize!

Winners Announced
The winner of Bobbie’s, And The Nominees Are….challenge is:

Kate from I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read.

Still Ongoing:
Nicole‘s Feed Me Seymour Challenge
Kate‘s Book, Score, Soundtrack Challenge
Andye’s It’s Your Story…So Write It!
Mama Librarian’s Lights, Camera, Read.

We are off to get a snack and settle back down with our books. See you in an hour!  (who am I kidding? I haven’t read in 2 hours! 😉  )

21 thoughts on “Hour 7”

  1. Ironically enough, I started reading the first FableHaven book at 8 a.m. this morning, right when the challenge started. Finished it just a few minutes ago, and I can’t wait to “rip through” the rest of them. Just saw Brandon Mull give a talk at an event for Michigan Library Association, and he’ll be in Dearborn, MI on Monday if anyone wants to see him. Having just discovered your blog, I obviously can’t register for this read-a-thon, but I’m adding you guys to my list to check back in October.

    Best of luck with the challenge everyone! I’m going back to reading on my day off. 🙂

  2. Still going strong everyone? I sure am. within this hour I will finish the book I started last night and start probably my audio book so i can work.

  3. I’m such a slow reader and I’ve started reading since 8 am.. Took a long lunch break and now going back to reading… And yeah the time flies can’t believe it’s 7 hours in the read-a-thon…

  4. Excuse me. While on my break(listing to audios now) I noticed my friend heidi and I are not listed as readers and we did sign up weeks ago. And we’ve been reading for over 71/2 hrs now.

  5. I’m about to finish my book this hour and start an audio book so that i can get some work done today. Is anyone else having problems leaving a reply on this page?

  6. Having lots of fun. I have never had an excuse to just read all day long before. I might go outside and read though. It is a beautiful day. I have read 327 pages total. Although if it was just me at the house the I might have 600 pages. That is my record for reading. By the way If you look at my blog please leave a comment so I know that I am not just writing to myself.

  7. What an amazing event! I’ve always thought of reading as a solitary pasttime, but the support is truly amazing, and the mini-challenges are wonderfully creative. It makes me think about how, even though reading is generally solitary, there are a lot of folks out there supporting success because they are avid readers themselves. A shout-out to teachers, parents, librarians, schoolmates, friends, book club partners, authors, publishers, and everyone else who supports reading!

  8. I love these mini challenges, they keep us going. And of course what could we have done without the cheerleaders….
    You guys are just fantastic!

    btw, I am not blogging as frequently as some others are? Is that ok?

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