April 2012, readathon

Hour 6 – First Lady Approved

We’re in the sixth hour of the readathon! The First Lady approves.

This is Lu again, ready to cheer you on from Readathon headquarters (aka, my couch). There are a lot of minichallenges still open. Minichallenges are a great way to keep up with your fellow readers and to meet some new friends. And you might win a prize!

Current Minichallenges

New this hour: Book Appetite at Book Journey.
Book Sentences at On the Wings of Books
Turn to a Page from Reflections of a Bookaholic
Book Puzzle over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews.

Keep on reading you lovely people! In case you need a break from all the reading, here’s a video of Sparky’s Kibble Dance:

12 thoughts on “Hour 6 – First Lady Approved”

  1. I finished my first book ‘Poison Study’ and am now in the middle of ‘Magic Study’. One of the things I like about kindle, is that you can buy books from home and read them immediately… I just couldn’t wait to read more of Yelana’s adventures right then and there.

    How is everyone else holding up?

  2. That’s an awesome video. < 3
    And I'm just finishing my lunch here as I type this, and them I'm back to the stacks, too. Working my way through book one still. 🙂 Hope the reading (and lunch breaks) are going well for everyone!

  3. Just finished my first book and desperately in need of brain food! Leftovers for lunch since of course I cannot be bothered to cook today 🙂

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